Research Article Critique and Research Proposal in the Public Relations Issues

The research article critique evaluates the possibility of organization-public relationships’ damage because of the organization’s unethical behavior of nondisclosure of sufficient information within the web-based communication. The research article’s data analysis was based on the question-focused dataset method of the posttest experiment that assessed 409 participants, who were exposed to BMW’s promotional video, which had no reference to the official website of the company. The critique’s research methods helped identify the public’s expectations and strength of task sharing as one of the company’s campaign strategies. They were adversely impacted by the company’s unethical demographic approach and shifting of the public relations’ notion from nutrition and development toward manipulation. Furthermore, data analysis helped justify that the participants gave credibility for maintenance during two-way circle communication, when knowledge, predisposition and behavior of the public can be damaged by the organization’s unethical structures, plans and programs of the targeted campaign. In addition, the research article’s findings prove the importance of satisfaction of the public’s needs and expectations with organization-public relationships in the light of relational theory.

Besides, the issue of nondisclosure within the organization-public web-based communication should be assessed in the light of correlation of the relationship maintenance strategies and marketing relationships’ dimensions that focus on the aspects of commitment and investment of the organization. The research proposal discussed the importance of the integrated approach to crisis, risk and emergency communication within the interdisciplinary management theory of psychology, anthropology and sociology during the ongoing management efforts of natural disasters. Quantitative research methods will help identify the effectiveness of CERC model on the ground of SCCT data collection tests, which help reach the results based on the data-driven response strategies.

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