Research Integration Guidelines

Introduction Research is the systematic attempt of obtaining answers to meaningful questions about issues, problems or phenomena.

This involves a critical analysis of existing conclusions or theories with regards to newly discovered facts. It is a continued search for new understanding and knowledge of the world A research aims at discovering new knowledge which involves the discovery of new facts, the correct interpretation and practical application. It helps to describe a phenomenon, that is the question what, how, when and where about a given object, institution, person or event. It has the ability to regulate and manipulate the phenomenon under study. When carrying out a research, it is necessary to put in mind several factors. The research should be logical, which entails rational understanding of behavior.

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It should be specific. It specifies its methods of operation and analysis and adheres to these methods. A research should specify the issue being researched on and avoid ambiguity. It should also deal with observing the overall pattern of events and in some cases generalize (especially in social sciences) the results of a study (Blaxter, Hughes, & Tight, 2001). A research determines the course and effect of an issue.

When carrying out a research, one should make sure that it is empirically verifiable. It should present facts that can be tested under the controlled observation and from which viable recommendations can be made. It should also be open to modification both in its theories and methodology. Application of scientific methods can also be done in the study of problems. This is done through application of scientific procedures when doing it. This paper aims at providing research integration guideline that will show the aspect of a research and what it entails.

In order to clearly achieve this objective, research proposal had been written touching on key components of a research. Factors discussed earlier that need to be considered when writing a research proposal have also been illustrated and applied effectively (Creswell, 2002). Many high school students have deviant behavior and use drugs, such as alcohol, cigarettes, bhang, cocaine, heroin, among others. They do it for various reasons. Many times it affects their academic and social behavior.

This research proposal will highlight all these. Problem Statement This research is to find out effects of drug abuse on the academic performance of high school students. The effects can be studied and then steps taken to curb this problem by coming up with recommendations and conclusions. The abuse of drugs is extremely rampant in high schools, which leads to drop-outs and unacceptable social behaviors such as fighting, rape and robbery with violence, murder, among others. It also makes users have poor health, which reduces their life span and the efficiency. This has prompted this research to be done.

This problem has been identified through observation and through personal experience, among others. Literature Review This research will be possible by using other relevant and related sources. It is done by careful systematic identification, analysis and location of documents which contain information related to a research problem being investigated, which in this case are effects of drug abuse and its implications on the academic performance of students (Ellis & Fouts, 1993). This ranges from various sources, such as books, journals and the Internet, among others. Literature review is an essential segment in a research, since it provides readers with a background for apprehending the current knowledge on a particular topic, and illuminates the importance of new studies.

This is because a research is conducted to inform people or readers on new information or knowledge. Reviewing the literature will enable researchers to expand more credible sources to support spoken words regarding the topic for one’s research. These facts that one has discovered must be referenced to ensure that the work of the previous writer is acknowledged. Literature review will help establish the tie between works that a researcher will have cited and the topic that the researcher writes about. This will be essential, since it aids in justifying the inclusion of certain work in the paper to enhance the usefulness.

This part of the paper is so unique from the rest of the paper, therefore, very essential. Research Questions Does using drugs have an effect on one’s academic performance? Which drugs are commonly abused? What makes students start abusing drugs? What can be done about it? What methods will be used to collect data? Formulating Hypothesis The drug abusers record a drop in academic performance. Students abuse drugs due to peer pressure and having excess pocket money. Male students abuse drugs more than female ones. Research MethodologyResearch proposals embrace research methodology since it helps in ensuring that credible sources are used appropriately. The population under study is high school students between the age of fourteen and eighteen, both male and female.

Methods used to collect data will include sampling of a certain representative sample and observation. Observation is done keenly on the behavior of drug abusers. Questionnaires and interviews are other methods which will be used to collect information on the topic under the study. Methods employed in gathering information are of immense importance in any research (Cryer, 2000). Samples of Questionnaires Questionnaires will be drawn and distributed across all classes or grades in high school. Provided the assumed example of drug abuse on students, the questioner will aim at answering the following questions.

Questionnaire on Drug Abuse What is your gender? How old are you? Do you use any drugs? If yes, which ones? When did you start using drugs? Why do you use drugs? Give a reason. Where do you get the money? Interviews Interviews are quite essential part in conducting a research, since they help through answering of questions relevant to the research. A certain number of students will be picked out or sampled out and interviewed. The respondents will be from all grades and both genders in the particular high school. The interview questions will almost be similar to the questionnaires which will be open-ended questions that will give more room for explanation.

Data Analysis and Interpretation The information will be presented in the form of a pie chart and table. It helps to the pattern or consistency, so as to determine prediction. In the case of more males using drugs than female, one of the explanations provided by (Writing the Research Proposal, 2004), is due to their freedom, as compared to females and their big ego. They tend to have the drive to feel accepted by the peers. They start using drugs due to peer pressure.

Some abuse drugs due to stress or depression and trauma they underwent or are still undergoing. They want to run away from reality and sort refuge in drugs. Females who take drugs have more or less the same reasons as those of males. A sample of a table will appear as follows: Conclusion From the data presented, analysis can be done and conclusions will, therefore, be possible to draw. For further research work, recommendations can be made, in order to correct the situation or the problems at hand.

In the conclusion and recommendation sections, the researcher will seek guidance and opinions of the audience to help in correcting the areas that need amendments.