Researching Human Services

The two selected human resource service providers are “The Lord’s Place” and “Hispanic Human Resource Council.” They both have a mandate of serving the community within the region of West Palm Beach, Florida, and other parts of United States of America.

Hispanic Human Resource Council has executed a number of multicultural service plans that are streamlined to serve different needs, which consist of quality child care needs, business and economic development needs, housing needs, advocacy needs, translation and interpreter services, employment and training, childcare, and referral and information needs. It runs two child development centers that as by now are serving children and families of above 350 in number. On the other hand, The Lord’s Place is very focused in ensuring that the issues of homelessness is precisely dealt with, and they do this by making sure that their services to families, within the community, are compassionate, innovative, and effective. Therefore, they serve the following needs; housing, economic stability, job training and placement, and employment needs. The breakthrough that Hispanic Human Resource Council has achieved in service delivery is owed to the former president of the agency for the promising future he left behind, which was associated with the legacy at work. His passion and compassionate to serve the community really amazed many, and until his death, he was the most admired personality in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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His spirit to work better has lived in other presidents and involved individuals who have taken the agency to the current point. The achievements of The Lord’s Place in serving the needs of the community are attributed to diversified and effective programs it has developed for the community. The agency also has competent and effective group of personnel who have devoted their time, effort, and professionalism in ensuring that the mandate of the agency is effectively achieved. Achievements by these agencies have not just come without any setbacks, and the following challenges are being faced by each agency: the necessity for private funding is reflective in both agencies, and having enough volunteers who are supposed to assist in running of various programs.