Responsibilities of a Nurse in Canada

With training and knowledge or experience in the registered nursing profession, I will make sure that I identify the abuse committed to the child, and make a child abuse report to the relevant law enforcers for an appropriate disciplinary action. I will also ensure that an appropriate child medication and treatment is sought as soon as possible; make any referral to the pediatricians, who are the key experts in diagnosing child abuse, if the abuse is beyond my ability to handle; then recommend for reporting to the law disciplinary professionals, who will take the matter to another level of ensuring justice.

As a registered nurse, I will be responsible for reporting the abuse to any nearest Social Services department, which is responsible for the child abuse investigations. I will interact with the child through my speech in provision of compassionate health care, besides ensuring a trust-worthy relationship through a meaningful relationship that will involve a thoughtful communication to enable me to understand the needs of the abused child. I will also address any incompetent condition or practices, which may interfere with service delivery or any ethical care, question any unsafe or non-compassionate condition and ensure working with others to reduce any possible future risk. If there are no enough resources for the ideal care, then there will be the need for collaboration to uphold priorities for minimal harm. It will be my responsibility to take up a safe practicing environment and safeguarding people’s safety during any job action.

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It will be my duty to provide care in any human or natural disaster of a communicable outbreak of a disease and take part in research activities that will promote ethical care. Finally, there will be the need to prevent and minimize violence by assessing violent risk situations through collaboration with others in establishing preventive measures. Some of the legal implications can raise issues when nurses are involved with abuse cases or when suspected to be in such. These issues are the responsibilities of a nurse to report suspected child abuse and neglect, case on the suspected abuse of wife and elder, documenting of the interventions and findings of the nurse and the appearance of the nurse as a witness on the proceedings that are legal. Nurses have the responsibility of identifying risks of fall and implement evidence-based on such falls, and coordinating with staff working within a multidisciplinary team in ensuring rehabilitation and assessment of the risk fall. An individual comprehensive risk fall assessment should be developed in coordination with the patient through a goal setting, as a way of minimizing the fall, then adaptations made on the patient’s environment depending on the factors involved.

Finally, the team responsible of rehabilitation addresses the fear of fall to the patient in order to mobilize reluctance, as a way of ensuring independence. Nurses have a commitment to ensure that desired information is provided and support is given to people to enable them to act and meet their health care needs. Therefore, there is a need to respect their wish concerning the health situation like that of resuscitating, depending on the sensitivity of the issue in relation to the guiding principles of the nursing Act. As a nurse, there must be a continued opportunity for the people to make a choice in their lifestyle on condition that complies with the law and in any request for personal value; therefore, there is a need for provision of the same alternative until the care arrangement is made. If it is conflicting with personal beliefs, then there should be seeking of consent from the nursing care to substitute that decision in relation to the jurisdiction laws.