Revolutionary Man

Revolutions, it happens all the time. Revolutions are changes that happen in the world mostly used politically, but in this case it is used to describe a man.Tupac Shakur. His work is revolutionary. Why? He changed the world of hip-hop and affecting hip-hop changed the black culture. I believe he is worth studying because of these reasons.

He shapes up “Thug” culture. Hip-hop back before tupac came up couldn’t express the struggles of the ghettos like Tupac did. Tupac wanted people to notice their struggles. He wrote poems that showed the true side of black communities. In Tupac’s poem “Life Through My Eyes” he wrote about the poverty and violence he saw in his neighborhood.

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“Life through my bloodshot eyes would scare a square to death, poverty, murder, violence and never a moment to rest.” He just showed all of the struggles in one poem Tupac is worth studying because of his many feats. He was very influential to his fellow rappers. He showed his friends the importance of being intelligent. His fellow rapper Big Syke says this about Tupac ” He had words and he was articulate.That’s what made me start reading books.

I wasn’t reading no books, but the more I started dissecting him, the more I started seeing what all his game was coming from.” He was also influential in death. His song “Until the End of Time” sold over 400,000 copies the first week after his death. Tupac came from the bottom and now he is a legend. He is a great example of rags to riches.

His poem “The Rose That Grew from Concrete” is a metaphor of his story. The poem was about how a beautiful rose proved nature wrong by growing from the rough concrete. This is a metaphor of how Tupac came from the ghettos and proved everyone that doubted him wrong. Through this he is an idol to many that comes from the poor broke down areas. He is a lesson to the youth that even the poor can become legends.

Tupac is very important even today. He may be an inspiration to The Black Lives Matter movement. Rapping was like a race war. This is a reason why I believe he is worth studying. He revolutionized rap and inspired the empowerment of black culture. He himself is a one man revolution.