Rewrite of Phantom

• 1. Christine gets picked over Carlotta for the new lead because she is firstly a better singer and more down to earth, saving a lot of wasted time over her diva fits. • 2.

Christine gets taken by Phantom into his lair underneath the opera house. • 3. She does not object to this and when she arrives back at normal level, and when she sees Raoul again she makes a quick improvisation of the script, changing the words of ‘All I Ask Of You’ to this: • 4.”All I want is for you to leave me alone All I want is freedom With you away from me And Phantom beside me” • 5. Raoul is outraged by this response as he was clearly not expecting this sort of refusal, and in his anger falls off the roof of the opera house into the icy river below.

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• 6. This gives Phantom the opportunity to give Christine a rose and confess his undying love for her. She will be safe with him and they will have unquenchable power. They will share a happy and mutualistic relationship. One in which they both look after each other.

Therefore and of course living their dream lives.