Rhetorical analysis Free Essay

An older man Introduces himself In a large empty, well 11th studio as a forensic sketch artist for the police department. Women enter one at a time the studio and sit in a comfortable looking chair on one side of a curtain hanging in the middle of the room. The sketch artist sits on the other side of the curtain facing his drafting board. He begins asking the series of women to describe their facial complexion from their perspective. The artist sketched from their eyes how they saw themselves.

We then earn that the women have been paired up and told to learn as much as they could about their partner. The artists had the women describe their partners’ features as he draws them. After all the drawing there were two deferent sketches made, the sketches were hung up side by side to compare. The women were then brought back In to see how these depictions compared. The women were all shocked, recognizing that the strangers’ perception of them was more beautiful than their own interpretations of themselves. With nothing more than a personal deduction I realize the obvious motives of skin care products across the board.

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These that are used in appealing to their target audience, women all boil down to society’s definition of beauty and perceptions of such. Although the commercial hit it off well with the use of pathos through an enhanced environment stocked with simple and warm sensory effects, the commercial has flawed underneath further investigation. Yes, the commercial hits a soft spot in the eyes of women about insecurities; however Dove unintentionally set a new precedent with appearances. Perception as I see it, Dove is saying that yes you do have flaws, but it’s fine as long as others don’t see anything rang with you.

If that message holds true, then what about the self-confidence of the women who use the product? Are the perceptions of other geared towards women supposed to be the ultimate Indicator of beauty? The answer to this basic debacle would be a stern no.

Let’s look at this strictly from a marketing perspective. When women see this product, buy it, and then use it, believing that they will become more beautiful; they may get a complement or two throughout their day and that is great. However, when someone else comes along and observes and acknowledges hose perceived flaws then the woman will be let down.

Not only will that be the flaw in the logic of Doves commercial but the fact that when that woman goes home and looks in the mirror, is it supposed to be okay that she will still have a lack of confidence in her beauty? The goal here should be instilling self-confidence and assurance with In the target audience of early adult aged women to pre senior citizen aged women. A popular and reoccurring principle In many philosophers’ beliefs and structures Is that one needs to accept themselves before they can start to fathom anything else (Introspection).

It should be clearly blatant that If you are able to acknowledge your own self beauty that the others (society) who don’t see it don’t commercial, I do understand the undeniable pros of “Dove’s Beauty Sketches. ” From the start of the commercial the setting was placed in a clean, open, relaxing studio. This setting struck me as if it were a clean slate or a beginning. With this clean slate they introduced a warning introspective like music which would translate to the viewer as a deeper yet clean felling almost as if you felt the eventual character hang evolve before your eyes as the music would indicate.

With introduction of the sketch artist and the first woman they were speaking in a matter of fact in which you think that there’s no way they’re faking this. Actually, that doesn’t register, I myself believed for the entirety of the commercial.

As well as the mood being cultivating, the validity of the experiment and the way it was set up made it virtually impossible to deny. When the sketch artist revealed what they were participating in, the shot moves to the clean slate with symmetrically laced comparisons. The camera shot with the two sketches is what set up the hook of the commercial.

The participants reactions were heart-felt and drove home the relation to beauty and the brand Dove In conclusion, at face value Dove seems to market effectively and they follow through, how else would they be able to make number one out of the top 10 ads in 2013 so far? Despite further investigating the commercial on a microscopic level in a philosophical manner, I do believe that they effectively completed their objective of getting their brand name out there and for omen to remember it when they approach the beauty aisle in the store.

For me as soon as the music started I saw a woman evolve in a feminist way, founding her beauty right before the camera with the simplest demonstration possible.

With these women’s transformations or rather epiphanies, it should very well give insight and true meaning into affecting societies perception of beauty. Since the late ass’s women have been living truly to their potential I do believe Dove made a significant difference in the progression of the definition of beauty.