Rhetorical Analysis Old Spice

The Image shows a buff man riding a white horse on a perfect beach landscape In the rear with the claim “Smell Like a Man, Man.

” The advertisement attempts to entice and create a memorable impression towards the audience through appealing to pathos. The main goal of the ad is presented in a way that allows men to obtain what is unattainable without this product… The love and adornment of woman.

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The product Old Spice After Hours has a repose to sell its product to their audience through exploiting its target audience and market, a hyperbole, and imagery.

The target market for this product is easily seen towards men however the visual aspects in the ad targets the female audience hoping to persuade them to get it for their man. The actor played in the ad is Isaiah Mustang also known by woman as “the Man Your Man Could Smell Like” woman are attracted to there men being manly and Isaiah portrays It very well to get that point across.

Now, the Image also targets men not as much but still fairly prominent. The Imagery and the writing says to men are you good enough to be a man. Do you look and smell good enough for your woman? The purpose of the article is to persuade the audience into buying the product. The purpose is made by the argument don’t you want your man to smell like this and are you good enough for this product.

The article also appeals to a persons pathos or makes them feel something is missing from their life that can be fulfilled with this product.

The authors of the ad does not use any pressing aspects of life behind there argument which is a flaw to the argument it turns of people off that aren’t mainstream and arena Impressed by the imagery however brand loyalty to Old spice because it Is a major company for men’s hygienic products can sway most Into purchase Just by that fact. The argument Is persuasive to most by lulling woman Into a false sense they need to get the product for there man to smell like a man and Insults men In disguise of a hyperbole.

The article uses a hyperbole that Is an exaggerated statement, which is not meant to be taken literally. The statement is “smell like a man, man. ” This statement speaks to me like if you don’t wear this reduce you truly are not a man.

It also gives a less formal approach to introducing what they are talking it acts like they know you when they end it by saying man. The writing is also the color of old spice product, which also helps in the selling of the product.

The color is also in contrast with background with a slight 3-D affect and the red on the light blue background makes the writing pop, which catches your eye right off and makes you want to read what it says. The short statement says with out this product you are truly not a man it gives a man a negative thought about them to sell he product. The font of the hyperbole Is large enough to easily read but small enough to not block out the background, which adds to making It able to pop out at you. The hyperbole Isn’t the only aspect that helps sell the product the Imagery also is an important factor.

The product is for “Old Spice After Hours” which has a that for there man so they can live in the fantasy of the perfect man. The color scheme behind the photo is happy and optimistic which leads the audience to believe that this product can cause happiness. The scene is also a perfect looking each scene which is a dream to many so some believe with product they good feel like they are at the beach and everything is great. The man on the horse also has a well fit which gives a negative pathos to most men, for example why can’t I look like that?

Another thought on it is this product is for the best so if you don’t buy it you can’t be the best. The white horse and the white pants are also associated with symbolism for innocence purity, and goodness which give off a positive vibe to people they feel more comfortable.

Though the color scheme is happy the man in the photo as a strong powerful scowl upon his face because in most article for men the man is always portrayed as mighty which makes the audience think with this product I can be Just as tough as any other man.

Through exploiting the audience’s weaknesses, a hyperbole, and imagery Old Spice makes a compelling argument to sell there product “Old Spice After Hours. ” Since the target market is a male audience they use a very different approach than to selling women’s products because the main focus of advertising is knowing the audience, although, the target audience is persuading woman to buy the product so there man can smell like a man.