The advantages of using SAP Case Study

This is because licensed software comes with value-added services that provide access to upgrades, patches, and manufacturer support such as training and problem resolution. Capturing these efficiencies on a daily basis delivers operational and financial gains that help firms reduce costs and drive further investment. 2. According to the article “..

. The greater absolute benefit of Increased licensed software use In higher-income countries Is largely due to their heavier reliance on software tools for economic production. “

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Research on one specific multi-notational company, preferably from the list of high-income countries. ND determine what type of software tools they use for their business. Describe the process involved and relate as to why this could be an advantage for them in terms of production, manufacturing, or other business elements.

Accentuate PL is a multinational management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company headquartered in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. It is one of the world’s largest consulting firms measured by revenues and is a constituent of the Fortune Global 500 list As of September 201 2, the company had more than 257,000 employees across 120 countries.

India currently is the single largest employee base for Accentuate, with he headcount expected to reach 80,000 In August 2012. In the US, it has about 40,000 employees and In the Philippines 35,000. Accentuates current clients Include 94 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500.

The international company was first incorporated in Bermuda in 2001. Since September 1, 2009 the company has been incorporated in Ireland. Some software this company uses are SAP and Microsoft Office.

The advantages of using SAP over other software are it allows easier global integration (barriers of currency exchange rates, language, and culture can be bridged automatically.

IT also updates only need to be done once to be implemented company-wide as well as Provides real-time information, reducing the possibility of redundancy errors. SAP May create a more efficient work environment for employees and Vendors have past knowledge and expertise on how to best build and Implement a system.

The last one Is that user interface is completely customizable allowing end users to dictate the operational structure of the product. Another software is Microsoft Office. Genuine Microsoft Office provides unique value, ongoing updates, and enhancements from Microsoft that counterfeit regions of Office do not.

With genuine Office, you’ll spend less time keeping your steward current Ana more time generating professional-looking documents A you will know that you are getting the most secure version of Office available. You will also have the confidence that you got what you paid for.

As well as having access to support from Microsoft or a trusted partner and you could stay better protected with the latest enhancements and finally enjoy access to the latest offers exclusively reserved for genuine Microsoft software users. 3. Do you agree/disagree with the article’s concluding statement:”.

.. He benefits of licensed software ? both for firms and national production ? are likely to increase with developments in cloud computing as it is made easier and more cost-efficient for businesses of all sizes to opt in to value-added services delivered over the Internet. It is true that cloud computing would make easier and more cost-efficient transactions for firms but I don’t think that it is only for licensed software because even open-sourced software could benefit in this technology. I think that it is easier to say that cloud computing would benefit all users and licensed software could increase its usability even more because it could add security and other features that are exclusive for licensed clients only.

For example, Dropped is a cloud storage that is considered to be a free software.

It could be used by firms but the security is not that high. The benefit of having a licensed cloud storage would be it will be all yours and you know that you’re data is safe. 4. Boa’s study has mentioned that government entities should promote the use of licensed software by creating strong laws and have a defined enforcing body to protect intellectual property rights.

They also mentioned raising public awareness on the associated risks of using pirated software. With this in mind, is the Philippines capable of handling software piracy?

Aside from RA 8293, what are the existing laws and legislations that address this issue? Mention sanctions and penalties mandated by each law. Also mention what government agencies are involved. In my opinion, our country is capable of enforcing law regarding intellectual property and software piracy but it would take a big move from the government to properly educate the whole country regarding the benefits of using licensed software over pirated ones. Another thing is that it would be easier if they would deduct taxes on it so it would be affordable for all.