Roger Mcgough Poem Analysi

Roger McGough was a well-known British poet who has written a lot of poems about inequality, life and unfairness between social classes. I have chosen to discuss and compare the following poem “The Commission”, “Nooligan” and “Streemin” of Roger McGough. The three poems I have chosen are mainly written in the area of inequality of this world and the unfairness of social class.

In “The Commission” Roger McGough has written the contrast of the different social class and the difference between the wealthy and the poor. In the poem he wrote “In this poem there is a table.

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Groaning with food. There is also a child, Groaning for lack of food” this clearly stated out the different between the wealthy and the poor. In “Nooligan” he criticises the use of violence and bullying in school, he used the following lines “I’m a Nooligan don’t give a toss, in our class I’m the boss” to tell to the audience that everyone is born equal, no one should be hurt or to be treated differently to others.

In the poem “Streemin” Roger McGough again criticises the inequality between the different social classes by using “But all these divishns aren’t reely fair”.

Roger McGough’s poem is always very relaxed and smooth, never intense. Most of the time he seems like he is talking to himself or into his own deep thinking. In “The Commission” he used rhyme over the whole poem, with the relax tone, he presented his theme of the inequality like he was telling the audience about one of his dreams. However he used rhyming in the poem “Nooligan” to create a sense of humours, describing a bully in school, he presents his idea nicely to audience while giving them some fun.

The poem “Streemin” isn’t written in formal language, slangs and short forms are used, this give the audience an idea that the person isn’t really educated, which presents his purpose for this poem perfectly. After reading Roger McGough’s poem, I have learned a lot about life and this world. His poem told me that everybody are born in to this world equally and that no one should be treated like slaves, no matter of this social class, skin colour, culture background or the wealth and poor.

He presented this to the audience through his poem “The commission” in the first 4 lines of the first stanza. In the 2nd stanza Roger McGough have written that there was a photographer draws “a little Asian girl, Naked, wide-eyed, pleading” he points out the unfairness in this world very clear and sharp with just one sentence. After reading and a little thinking of the poem, I feel really tempered about the unfairness in this world and even a little sadness, I think this was also what the poet felt while he wrote down this poem.

From his poem “Nooligan” it teaches me that everyone should deserve happiness in this world, because to be born into this world and determined that they are going to die sooner or later was not a child’s choice, it was not their choice to be born in to a violence family, it was not their fault that the parents are devoiced. Therefore I think that everyone who was born into this world deserves to have their own happiness and no one should have the power to take it away from them. Roger McGough was writing about the bullies in school in this poem, they hurt people.

The rhyme used in this poem have turned mood very humorous and he used the humorous to present to the audience about the bullies in his eyes. “Streemin” was one of the shortest poems Roger McGough has written.

He described the feelings of the lower social class with just a few sentences. In the last stanza he written “But all these divishns arnt reely fair look at the cemetery no Streemin there” presents his idea of how the lower social class look at this world. They have not been educated, but this does not make them less of a person.

They think it’s not fair that they have to be treated differently to all the other people who live in this world just because they don’t like reading and can hardly write. After reading Roger McGough’s poem I feel like I have learned a lot about this society, good side and bad side. I would strongly recommend Roger McGough’s to a young adult, or people who are about to walk into this society, because his poem taught me a lot of things and this might benefit people in a lot of ways.

And personally I really like his poems, like the way he presents his ideas and like his idea about this society