Rogerian Argument Proposed Outline

The decision to abort should be left for the mother to decide within the first three months of pregnancy. Based on the circumstances surrounding the mother, abortion can be permissible. Writer’s view: The decision to abort should not be solely laid on an individual. Legislation should be made so as to allow only those with genuine reasons to abort. This is to avoid pressure in the mother’s life.

Despite the fact that unborn children should be protected, some women get pregnant following circumstances that may remain traumatizing due to the presence of the child or even in cases where the child’s father has denied responsibility leading to unwanted pregnancies. It should not be illegal for a mother to abort in the period of the first three months of pregnancy so as to terminate an unwanted or risky pregnancy. Problem: There should be legislature that makes it legal for pregnant women to abort in case of justifiable reasons. Key terms: Legislation, rape, incest, mother’s health complications. I.

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Paragraph Two: Summary of the Opposing View’s Position Main point A: There has been an increase in the number of people who are supporting that abortion should be pro-choice after the Roe and Doe support for pro-choice. But is there a connection between Roe and Doe’s comments to the increase in pro-choice support. Main point B: There are variations that are there among states supporting pro-life and those taking the stance of pro-choice. There are also states where public support for pro-choice has increased, and this has brought with it some dramatic changes. Main point C: There has been some impact on the olitical process due to the abortion controversy. Pro-life organizations seem to be causing a stir in the political process in a bid to try and ensure that abortion is illegal.

II. Paragraph Three: Statement of Validity Context or specific circumstance(s) in which this view may be considered valid: In cases like rape, incest, mother’s physical health, and mother’s mental state, abortion may be justified. All of the above reasons are worth justification to allow for a mother to carry out an abortion within the first three months of pregnancy (Farrell 27). III. Paragraph Four: Summary of the Writer’s Position Main point A: The choice for a mother to abort should not be illegal.

By legalizing this, it removes the opportunity to misuse the opportunity by doctors and their patents. Legal standards would be best used to control illegal abortions (Reasons given for having abortions).Main point B: Within the first three months of pregnancy, it is potentially safe for a woman to carry out an abortion. If her life is placed at an uncompromising position due to pregnancy, it would be wise to terminate the pregnancy to be saved. Main point C: By legalizing abortion, anyone who aborts may live with less guilt for whatever happened. This is especially for those individuals that have acquired pregnancies forcefully.

IV. Paragraph Five: Statement of Validity Context or specific circumstance(s) in which this view may be considered valid: Some circumstances that may lead to a mother considering aborting include pregnancy as a resullt of a rape, incest or health complications that the mother has. V. Paragraph Six: Statement of Benefit(s) All of these are causes that place the life of a mother in considerable danger due to reasons like trauma, depression or extreme cases of death. VI. Paragraph Seven: Conclusion Summary: Abortion should be legalized in order to ensure that those mothers who get pregnant as a result of a rape or incest do not bring up unwanted children.

Pro-choice organizations should re-organize themselves so as to make sure that they have an equal voice to the pro-life organizations (Baird and Rosenbaum 38). Common ground:Abortion should not be done for individuals without any reason. People should not just abort at will simply to satisfy their selfish gains. Compromise: Abortion can be legalized so as to pave way for those with risky or unwanted pregnancies resulting from incest or rape. Proposed solution: Legislation should be enacted to legalize abortion but with limitations to sincere and serious cases. The legislation should also ensure that illegal abortions are not allowed in hospitals and whenever it happens there are legal steps that will be meted against the participants.

Positive, hopeful statement: Despite the political and religious stands that people have, there should be a need to address the concerns of mothers with unwanted pregnancies resulting from rape and incest. Within the first three months of pregnancy, the mother’s life is not at risk, and if legalized, it will also ensure that no deaths are reported due to abortions (Uslaner and Weber 49).