Ruth Q. and A.

Here are three reasons why I chose Ruth for my Bible study report. 1.

There is a lot of information on Ruth. 2. Ruth is very smart and very brave. 3. Ruth is very loving towards Naomi.

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And those are three reasons why I chose Ruth. Were did Ruth live? Ruth lived in Moab with Naomi, her husband Mahlon, Orpah and Orpah’s husband Kilion. When did Ruth live? Ruth lived in the days of the judges, about 1100 B.C. (Before Christ.

) where did Ruth move to with Naomi? Ruth and Naomi moved to Naomi’s homeland Bethlehem, the city that David and Jesus where later born. What got Naomi to move from Moab? Well first there was Elimelech moved Naomi from Bethlehem during a famine to the country of Moab. Then there was Elimelech dying. Then there was Kilion dying. Then her last son was Mahlon who also died.

And she heard that the famine had ended in the city of Bethlehem. How did Ruth end up moving with Naomi? Maybe she might have wanted to continue her faith in God. And she insisted on going because she knew that Naomi could not make the trip alone at her old age. What are some of the main parts in the story? When Ruth and Naomi travel to Bethlehem, when Ruth and Boaz marry, when Ruth gives birth to Obed witch means a servant. How did Ruth enter the family? She became Naomi’s daughter-in-law by marrying Mahlon Naomi’s son who later died.

Then she re-married one of Naomi’s relatives (Boaz.) Ruth was like a daughter to Naomi because she stayed by her side the whole time through thick and thin. She also fed Naomi and helped her on the journey. Who is Ruth? Ruth is someone from the Bible who God chose to be related to important people in the bible. Ruth was someone who was brave, kind and very loving towards her mother-in-law Naomi. She took care of Naomi and God honored her for it.

Ruth was a woman of loyalty, joy, happiness, sadness, peace and love. Why did God chose Ruth for his plan? Because he probably noticed how kind she was towards her mother-in-law so God chose her to have royal descendants and to get a very loving and rich husband, God honored her for all her hard work (taking care of Naomi.) What made Ruth marry Boaz? Well for starters Ruth loved Naomi and would do almost anything for her. Second Ruth loved Boaz and Boaz loved Ruth. Third Ruth trusted Naomi’s advice. Fourth Ruth wanted to take care of Naomi so that they would not die of starvation.

What got Ruth into this situation? When Ruth said that she wanted to go with Naomi there was no turning back although Orpah went back to her real parents and their God Ruth staid with Naomi and said “your people will be my people and your God will be my God. Where you go I go and were you die I die and there I will be buried.” That shows a lot of loyalty for a daughter-in-law, especially one who’s husband has already died. Was it love at first sight? It may have been for Boaz but for Ruth it might have been respect, then love eventually growing inside her. They both were in love with each other so they got married and had children.

What would it have been like to be Ruth and make all those decisions? It would have been hard to make all those big decisions that Ruth made. Some I might not even made such as Going with Naomi to Bethlehem or going to the threshing floor were Boaz was. Can you imagine how many hard decisions Ruth made! There is alot! The most major decision Ruth made is probably going to Bethlehem with Naomi. If Ruth decided to not go with Naomi and go back to Moab then there would not even be a book of Ruth! And there would be only 38 books in the Old Testament instead of 39 books. Wow, look how much one person in the Bible makes a difference.

Ruth was a wonderful person and still is. Even though the book of Ruth happened a long time ago, Ruth was and is still a perfect role model for boys and girls alike, even today. Did you know? • That Ruth’s great grandson was King David whose son was Solomon. • That Boaz’s mother was named Rahab. • That Ruth’s son was named Obed witch means “a servant.” That Boaz was not the only Kinsman-redeemer.