Same-Gender Schools

“Hey did you hear about Ashley and Jake? I heard she let him go all the way.” That’s the typical conversation high school students bring up.

Being in a classroom with the opposite gender may cause many distractions. Classroom disruptions are fewer in same gender schools than classroom disruptions in co-ed schools. Even though same gender schools don’t get kids ready for the real world where there are more than just one gender ,we must consider same gender schools because boys and girls learn differently and same gender schools improve academic achievement. Boys and girls simply have different brain developments. The cerebral cortex in a girl’s brain and the hippocampus in a girl’s brain develop earlier than a boy’s hippocampus does. That is why girls have different learning differences than boys do.

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In a boy’s brain the cerebral cortex is what makes boys pay more attention to learn with graphics, pictures and physical movement. Girls tend to talk about how to solve a problem and work with others to find a solution (Zamosky). Test scores shows that same gender schools can improve academic achievement. In Florida a school divided fourth grade students into co-ed and same gender classrooms. Thirty seven percent of the boys in the co-ed class passed the test and 86% in the same gender class passed the test (Global post americas world news site).

Girls attending all girl schools were more likely to attend a four year college compared with girls attending co-ed schools. Boys who graduated from all boy schools were more likely to attend a 4-year college compared with boys who graduated from coed schools (Hyunjoon Park). Same gender schools don’t get kids ready for the real world. When they grow up and get jobs, there won’t be just one gender. They need to learn to interact with other genders that are going to be working with them. Going to co-ed schools can get them ready for the job atmosphere but same gender schools do not.

Parents should consider the idea of letting their child go to a same gender school. Going to a co-ed school can distract the student and takes them off focus. Just the simple fact that same gender schools can improve academic achievement should be enough. The child will have a better life, graduate and be successful.