Same Love

“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” –Frederick Douglass Under harsh conditions and privations, slaves lived their tough lives not being able to express themselves to others or their unbarring owners. Constantly being perniciously whipped and treated unfairly, as if they were profligate, there was nothing left to share their feelings, but revealing their problems through song. The songs were used to indicate their sadness and relieve their feelings building up on their weak shoulders. If they even showed a bit of emotion toward anyone, they could be murdered for appearing weak.

These songs would give them relief without getting in trouble. They also were used to remember their culture back in Africa and remember the rapturous times. Similarly, songs today are used to express feelings of sadness and wanting freedom towards who think otherwise. The song, “Same Love”, is sung to broadcast and cause a mutation for equal rights, and the importance of being true to yourself, be pleased with your life and not letting others change who you are. The song received many positive reviews, influenced a change in television history, and the artist’s uncle’s life.

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“Same Love” written by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, was released along with the rest of their album in 2012, entitle The Heist. The album reached number one around the world. The staid song that reached around the world, at number one, was the first gay anthem produced, which is redressed to support equality marriage rights. Most people positively responded to the song, but others who don’t believe in equality rights disapproved of the uplifting song and began corruption. This song not only reached many hearts, but it changed 66 people’s lives on January 26, 2014 and made a mark on the world. The duo decided to rewrite television history and marry 33 couples, gay and straight, on live television during the Grammy’s through a performance of the lightening song.

While evincing their great message of the song, 28.5 million viewers tuned into the performance, which will go down in music’s history. Unlike any other, they brought a new meaning to being happy about your differences. The two artists both grew up surrounded by this issue, involving both of their families and their community. Ryan Lewis’s uncle is gay and has been battling AIDS/HIV for thirty years, deeply influencing Lewis throughout the years. Along with Lewis, Macklemore fell under the category of being effected by the equal rights topic, from being raised in a community that was a benefactor community towards gay rights.

His uncle was also gay along with other important people in his life. This song was very important and availing to their families and friends’ lives because the subject is very close to their hearts. Although abilities to express beliefs and opinions aren’t always available, there is always a way to get your feelings out or indicate sadness. While slaves sang songs so they wouldn’t get killed, and share their emotions, other artists today find issues that will do the same. “Same Love” expresses equal rights in our world.

Just like the artists were affected, and sang about their issues, slaves did similarly, as well as bringing back their culture. Although slave songs were unimportant towards slave-owners, they reached others in the world; it still has an important meaning, and significance today when we study them. Simple or sophisticated, big or small, songs have messages that can impact others, and touch hearts.