Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust

The Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust have chosen PC Guardian Perma Dome Desktop security kits to ‘Nail Down’ their computers. This may well be a wise decision since “one in ten businesses had computers stolen in the last year”, as reported in PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Information Security Breaches Survey 2004. The Trust made the decision to purchase anti-theft products in conjunction with an upgrade programme replacing all desktop computers within the organisation. Physical security devices are an additional precaution to the widely accepted view that encryption is an enterprise security ‘must have’. Losing data is critical, but the physical loss of a device can be equally problematic and one that takes longer to reinstate than re-installing backed up data.

PC Guardian Anti-Theft Products are distributed exclusively in the UK by Avanquest. The devices provide large enterprises with protection against the theft and loss of laptop computers, desktop computers, computer peripherals, and other assets like LCD projectors and video equipment. As with all PC Guardian anti-theft devices, the Perma Dome Desktop security kit features flexible keying options, including master keying systems, which are widely adopted as corporate standards. PC Guardian offers clients the flexibility to determine how keys should be assigned to the locks used by their organisations. For instance, clients can order a unique key for each lock, ‘keyed differently’, or opt for a single ‘keyed alike’ solution that will fit all the locks in an organisation. In addition, ‘master keyed’ systems, which offer maximum security while simplifying key management and administration are also available.Mohammed Irfan, Interfacing & Messaging Manager comments that “Although we had no statistics on the loss of equipment before using the locks, we were aware of things going missing, but since PC Guardian’s Perma Dome Desktop Security locks kits have been introduced, there has not been one report of anything having gone astray.”

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