Saving A Life

Language Arts 08 March 2016Saving Lives ” Help, Help, I need a doctor, I need a doctor.” A young woman yells as she brings her five year old son in the hospital. “M’am, what is wrong with your son? I am a neurosurgeon; I can help you.” “He was climbing a tree in the park, and he fell and busted his head open. There was blood gushing out of his head, and you could see his skull and his brain.” “You are lucky that he is still alive.

” The job of a neurosurgeon is not an easy job, you have to have a lot of skills, the benefits are nice, but you have to make sure that you have time Skill Requirements In order to be an excellent neurosurgeon you must master these four important skills.Those include the following; Diagnostic Skills, Communication Skills, Research Skills, and Memory Skills. Diagnostic skills is having experience in identifying cause and effect relationship in symptoms and sources.It is mportant to have good Diagnostic Skills when you are a neurosurgeon because if you are anexperienced neurosurgon then it will not take you a long time to figure out what is wrong with someone if they tell you their symptoms. If you are not an experienced neurosurgeon then it will take you even longer to figure out a patient’s problem and they could be getting sicker by the second. Communication Skills is being able to give information to people clearly and simply, in a way that means things are understood a get done.

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You need communication skills in any workplace but mostly when you are a neurosurgeon because you are going to be having patients that you are talking to and they need to be able to understand you clearly when you are speaking to them. Also good communication skills are needed because if you need another surgeon to help you on a case then you need to be able to explain what is going on with the patient clearly to the other doctor so the other doctor has all the valid information needed to help the patient. Research skills are being able to find information about any given topic. You need research skills to be any type of doctor because let’s say that there is a patient with all these symptoms and you think that you know what is wrong with them but you are not sure you could research the symptoms and see if you were right.Next, you need research skills because if someone if someone has had a disease that you have heard of but you don’t know much about it then you can do some research to learn more about the disease.

Memory skills is the ability to remember something in your brain. It is important to have memory skills as a neurosurgeon because when you’re six years of residency are over and you have to take a test you are not going to be allowed to use books or notes only your memory. Next, if you are a neurosurgeon and you prescribed your patient some pills for a certain amount of time then it is you and the patient’s responsibility to remember when to get off those pills because if they don’t get off those pills in time then the patient might get sick and sue and you could lose your doctor’s license. Benefits Although you have to have a lot of skills to be a neurosurgeon there are a lot of benefits to the job. Some of those benefits include Insurance Salary The opportunity to help people Vacation Time It is good to have insurance because if you have a sudden accident that will cost money you will not be in much debt as you would be with no insurance. Also it’s good to have insurance because you might want to splurge on yourself one day, well if you have no money because you spent it all of medical bills because you don’t have insurance you can’t splurge.

Finally it is a good idea to have insurance because can’t tell the future so you should always have some backup money just in case of an emergency. Next, it’s always important to have a job with a good salary.One reason would be you don’t want to be working 80+ hours a week and only get paid minium wage; that woud be a total waste of your time. You want to make sure that if you are putting all of our necessary hours in then you need to make sure that you get the money that you asked for. If you work a lot of overtime as well then maybe you should ask for a raise.

Vacation time is the most important benefit of all in my opinion. When you are a neurosurgeon you are steady working on someone’s brain it might not always be good. When there are cases like that,with a bad outcome it can be stressful and all you want to do is take a break, vacation time is the perfect way to do that. You can go anywhere in the world you want to go to and you can take your mind off of work and enjoy yourself. Helping Others One of the main reasons people become doctors is because they want to help save people’s lives. It is just a wonderful feeling knowing that you have done something good to someone like saving their life.

Most people say that’s the best part of the job; seeing someone smile because they get to live another day. If you are the reason for someone’s day on earth then that is just something to be proud of. There is a lot of educational background needed in order to be a neurosurgeon. For example, one requirement would be that you need a bachelor’s degree and completion of the appropriate medical school prerequisite classes. It is important to have this degree because that is the first step of a long journey on being a neurosurgeon. Also it’s important because whoever you end up working forthey are going to see if you have bachelor’s degree.

If you do get the job then you can hang your degree in your office for everyone to see when they walk in. Second, you must apply and get into a medical school. If you just apply to a medical school then that is not enough because in order to be a neurosurgeon you must go to some type of medical school. Next, it’s important to go to a medical school that offers the specialty that you are interested in and not one that does not. Furthermore, after you are a graduate of medical school you must go through six years of residency.

Residency is when you are done with your internship and you shadow neurosurgeons and you are like their intern. Residency is important because after residency you are going to be a qualified neurosurgeon and you are going to be on your own teaching other interns what to do. Finally, after you are finished with your residency then you must pass an exam and apply for a state license to be a neurosurgeon. Once you pass the test and you get approval your road to be a neurosurgeon is finally over and you finally live your dream job. Although it takes a lot just to be a licensed neurosurgeon once you get that title it is a big accomplishment. Lastly,there are many requirements to be a neurosurgeon like you have to have a lot of skills, the benefits, and the salary.

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