School, Homework, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

A long day at school consists of about eight wonderful hours. Tests, schoolwork, discussions, debates, all very exciting. The moment the last bell rings, all I want to do is go home, throw on some comfortable clothes, grab a snack, and do a couple more hours of homework so I feel like I’m still in school. Math, reading, history, language, you name it, and I’ll be studying the topic. Sports? Oh, I gave those up a long time ago.

They took up too much of my schedule and I wanted to make sure that I had the ultimate amount of time to do my homework. I find other ways to work out and stay in shape. I mean my backpack has to weigh like thirty pounds and the number of books I carry back and forth from class to class is a great way to work out my arms. Not to mention the hundreds of papers I get to write every year, those really help strengthen the muscles in my hands. Giving up my participation in sports was hard at first, but then I realized that it was the only way I could have the time to finish my homework and get a good night’s sleep.

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It was totally worth the loss of being a part of a team and having social interactions throughout the week. My friends? I had to cut back on a few of them. But that’s all right because it has really given me a chance to get closer to a select few. I just didn’t have time to fit them all in my schedule. Homework comes first.

On a rare occasion I finish my homework a little early giving me an hour or two to hang out with some friends. It’s always a lot of fun. Sometimes it’s hard though because even when I finish my homework, my friends still have to finish theirs. A job? Ha! Like I would be able to balance a job and studying every week. It’s all right though because my first priority is getting into that college that I really want to and in order to do that I need to do all of homework to get good grades.

I’ll worry about payment for the college once I get there. Right now I just can’t worry about that because I wouldn’t have the time. No, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. Even though I may never get the chance to participate in sports when I’m older, I won’t wish I had done them. My friends understand.

I’ll learn to socialize and work with others later. When college comes I’m sure my parents will help me take out loans that I will later get to pay tons of interest on. It’ll all be worth it in the end and I’ll have my teachers to thank because even after eight hours a day of classes, they were the ones that provided me with hours and hours of homework to keep myself busy after school. So thank you teachers. Thank you very much, and if you get the chance could you possibly give out a few more homework assignments? I’ve had a few minutes of free time lately and I need to fill those up with some more work.