School is for learning, not fashion

When I was younger I couldn’t wait until I didn’t have to wear a school uniform, but when I was finally allowed to wear what I wanted to I realized it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. The girls like to bend the rules until their about ready to break if they’re not already broken. You walk around school and see low cut tops along with skirts or dressed that are too short. Many of the girls spend more time on the way they look then they do school and it’s all about impressing the boys. Then the boys walk around with shirts that are too big and sagging pants.

Sagging pants are not cool and no one wants to see part of your butt because you buy your pants three sizes too big and you don’t tighten your belt enough to keep them up. The dress code is there for a reason and not many people follow it. I honestly think that public schools would be better off with a specific school uniform. I know it’s too late now to put a school uniform in schools, but I really think that public schools would be better off if they had one. It would also help if the schools pushed the dress code more, but the teens today won’t listen even if we tried.

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