Short Essay Online onschool uniforms

There are many difficulties in going to school. Buying the right supplies, getting up early, and let’s not mention all of the work you have to keep up with. The last thing that some child needs is to be teased about what they are wearing. I strongly believe that school uniforms should be enforced in both public as well as private schools because it would change the school culture for the better and improve the attitude of the student population. It is a real disappointment to see students these days now walk around with sagging pants, head phones in their ears, and swearing like drunken sailors!! Do we really want to be known as an ignorant generation that’s not going anywhere in life? No! We can put a stop to it by applying uniforms to the rules of dress code.

Not only would the students look more professional, but they may even want to live up to the look. Another point I would like to make is if everyone has o n the same uniform no one has to worry about being teased about what they are wearing. If a student is continually being picked on about their clothes, they won’t be able to focus on their studies. They also won’t be concentrated on their work because they are worried about who is going to pick at them next.

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