Essay on school uniforms Free Sample

Imagine, being dizzy after your head was dunked several times into a disgusting, germ infested toilet by a random kid you never seen in your life. The first thing you would do is tell the principle right. Wrong! What are you going to say? A kid with khaki pants and plaid shirt did it. That narrows it down to a few one hundred students. This brings me to my point that student should dress in their own unique way.

Teenagers are always limited on things they could do. For example, we can’t see rated R movies because of the violence and language. We can’t drive because we are not mature enough. We can’t do this. We can’t do that.

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The least we could do is dress our self. But slowly they are taking that away too. Dr. Alan Hifer a senior psychologist in children and adolescents says “Clothes are a source of expression for children, and as kids get older, they become more resentful of uniform.” This can lead kids to try different ways to be different. Kids are known to dye the hair wild colors or have multiple face piercings to be different.

In this economic crisis, it is hard to find a job let alone money. My aunt struggles the most in this time, and school uniforms are not helping out. She spends so much money on uniforms and other clothes for outside school because most kids don’t like to wear uniforms in public. Who would wants to wear their school uniforms in public? Just the other day, when I wore my NJROTC uniform to the store, people laughed at me. Even the employee laughed when he should have looked more professional than I should.

My point is uniforms create more problems than fix them. Just imagine, you are taking the test of your life, the test that will determine your future. A bead of sweat runs downs your for face. But you can’t do it because your breath is shortened by the constricting belt wrapped around tightly on your waist. Or is it the choking collar? Comfort is a key part to doing well in school. Students do better in school when they are comfortable.

Uniforms are uncomfortable to wear and to use somewhere else other than school. Another problem is what if you have to wear a long sleeved shirt with pants on a hot sunny day, or you have to wear a skirt on a cold freezing day. We could at least pick on what to wear if we don’t have to wear uniforms. The reasons for uniforms at school are mainly for academic and discipline reasons. There are no proven studies of schools improving academically due to uniforms.

Last time I checked clothes didn’t have the power to make someone smarter. Schools have also said that it stopped school violence. Uniforms can only changes the way we look but it cannot change attitudes or characteristics of students. It certainty can’t stop a student to bring a dangerous weapon to there school. Our country was founded by looking for freedom. A place where we can be different and express ourselves.

Us, the students are just looking for that kind of freedom in our schools. Student should be able to express their individuality and freedom to feel comfortable in our own ways. We are old enough to make the right decisions on what to wear. so give us a chance to be who we are.