School Violence Free Essay

“We are on lockdown! I repeat we are on lockdown!” This announcement has been made more than four times in the past two years because of a shooting taking place. More and more students stay home instead of coming to school because of not feeling safe at school. That’s why they would rather be homeschooled. That’s why a lot of schools are enforcing security to watch who comes in and out of the school just in case of an emergency, or just to have record of who comes in and out because the schools would want students to come to school instead of being scared.

But also people aren’t helping either because they are shooting at schools because they are depressed or they have other issues going on in their life like mental issues, drinking problems, etc. “Another type of school violence that is going on in the world today is bullying” (beta.dosomething).Kids get bullied every day from kids who have problems respecting themselves and others or have problems standing up for them-selves. “A lot of bully’s bully others is because it has something to do with social network” (beta.dosomething).

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Sometimes the bully just wants to fit in and be like their friends or do what their friends do. Then that’s when peer pressure gets involve with the story. Sometimes “Bully’s” bully other people because their friend told them to and they do it just to fit in. Peer pressure has influenced students to bully more and more so the students that bully others are getting used to bulling so they think it’s okay to bully.”20% of students get bullied at school” (beta.

dosomething). The violence in schools needs to stop and get put back on the streets where it belongs but if they stop violence at school and out it back on the streets then it would just make the crime rate even higher in the cities. I think that kids shouldn’t have to go to school scared of a shooting happening or bulling. School shootings and/or bulling shouldn’t be thought about at school. It should be learning that’s most important at school or trying to get an education to go to college.

2aa The rate of violence is getting higher and higher each year. Bullying has been the number one school violence going on today in the United States.