Essay on Schools Should Allow Phones in Class

I think schools should let phone’s into classes because we could use them for definition in classes so we don’t have to waste class time getting chromebooks out from the cart and we would have more time in the class so we don’t have to put the chromebook back up in the cart. Also schools would not have to pay so much money for chromebooks. Another reason school should let phones in class is if you forgot something you need for that class is you could called your parent to have them bring it to school. Schools should let phones in classes because they could be a big help when study for a big test and you know you can fail that test or you would get a bad grade and would likely fail that class and would have to take it again.

Schools should let’s phones in class because the student could have a book on their phone and they want to read it and they would be able and then it would also mean that library books might start to look like their still new then what they look like now all nasty or ripped.

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