Schools Should Start at 9 O'clock

Will we do better in school if school starts later? “Starting classes late means ending classes late. That can interfere with after schools sports and other activities” that’s something that principals or teachers would say. However, I don’t think sports or other activities are more important than our health. Starting school later has a lot of benefits for students.

More hours of sleep are good for our brain and body. The American Academy of Pediatrics said teenagers should sleep at least 8 to 9 hours every night. It seems to me that not a lot of students get to sleep 8 to 9 hours of because of a lot of homework and some of them have jobs. The only way to finish everything is to stay up late. “Studies show that even when teenagers want to go to sleep early, their bodies do not always let them”(newsela). Staying up lat is not the solution, because in the morning at school you will be exhausted.

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Being exhausted in class is not good because you can’t pay attention, remember, or be happy. What’s better, a late start will give students at least one more hour of sleep. That will help us to be more focused and we will be able to pay attention and participate more in class. For example, one day in my English class, I fell asleep. Students made fun of me.

I remember that because it was so embarrassing. I remember the feelings that I got after they made fun of me. I got hurt and every time they want to say a funny story they mention my story in my English class. If schools were to stared later test scores quizzes, reading and math levels will all go up.Grades will be better because students are more rested and ready for school.

I know a lot of students feel the same way I do. So, we should write a petition saying schools should start an hour later. Because students will do better in school they will be more focus and ready for school and then send it to the Board of Education of Michigan.