Scott Peterson Trail

On December 24th, 2002 Scott Peterson’s wife Laci Peterson was reported missing from her home in Modesto, CA. To some people this is just some random occurrence, but to us; us being the jury this was something serious. So, on January 24th, 2003 Amber Frey, a Fresno massage therapist came forward with information that she was having an affair with Scott, and she also said the affair began November 20th, but this was only after Scott told her he wasn’t seeing anyone. In other words he said he was single even though he was married to Laci. At that moment I came up with the hypothesis that Scott obviously did it or so I thought.

Even though I thought that no-one should be convicted based on circumstantial evidence I ended up letting myself be pulled along with everyone else saying that he was guilty. I said that on December 24th Laci Peterson was reported missing. We know this because we were given case files to look at from the time she went missing. They were given to us by the detectives on the case. We were given stuff like where Scott Peterson said he was but I didn’t think they would find any bodies. On April 18th, 2003 a california attorney general named Bill Lockyer confirmed that the body found in the San Francisco Bay area in April 13th was indeed the body of Laci and Scott Peterson’s baby Conner Peterson.

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Then on April 14th in the same area they found the body of Laci Peterson as well. I know this information because in the article it said “Her remains and those of her unborn son washed up on the bay shore four months later”. On January 24th, 2003 Amber Frey said she and Scott have been having an affair. She had no way of knowing until now that Scott was indeed not single; he was married to Laci. Laci was pregnant with Scott’s unborn child Conner Peterson. With this information it still took everyone months to finally come up with the conclusion that Scott was the one that did it.

And on April 18th the same day they discovered the bodies of the two that were murdered at the hands of Scott Peterson. They arrested him in San DIego on murder and double homicide charges he was being held without bail. I believe that Scott Peterson wasn’t supposed to be convicted because there was no hard evidence like fingerprints and eye witnesses. Although there are people that think he should be convicted solely based what other people said and not what Scott said himself which I think is just completely idiotic. I believe that there was not enough evidence to convict him. I also don’t think he should have been convicted because there were also no cameras that saw him or the ones that were murdered.

They also didn’t use a polygraph machine or as many people know it by the name lie detector. I am sure they could have used one which by the way were invented way back in 1902 but they chose not to use all their resources. They being the detectives and officers on the case. Not even the judge thought to use it. Although Scott could have asked it at his hearing but he didn’t, but even without that he said “he was 90 miles away fishing in the San Francisco Bay area” which is also stated in the article.

Although that was the same place the bodies were found so it could be easily linked to him because he was in the same place they were found. In closing all I have to say is that when Scott Peterson’s wife was reported missing all those months ago I didn’t think I would change my decision on whether or not Scott was guilty or not. Now that I have come to my senses enough to see that there was not enough evidence for him to be convicted. As I said in the beginning this was to most people not that big of a deal but to us it was serious I said that because most people would just write it off as just another couple in turmoil that instead of just divorcing or breaking up one of them just ended up killing the other one to get what they wanted. When in reality this was just a case of them not having enough evidence to convict him and they just went with their guts instead of trying to save this innocent man.