Short Term and Long Term Plans

Corporation, formerly High Tech Computer Corporation, is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of smartphones founded in 1997. The company initially made smartphones based primarily on Microsoft‘s Windows Mobile software, but in 2009 it began to shift its focus away from Windows Mobile devices to devices based on the Android operating system. HTC is also a member of the Open Handset Alliance, a group of handset manufacturers and mobile network operators dedicated to the advancement of the Android mobile device platform.

The HTC Dream, marketed by T-

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Mobile in many countries as the T-Mobile GI, was the first phone to the market that uses the Android mobile device platform. HISTORY Although initially the company made notebook computers, HTC decided to make a strong push towards hand-held devices. ln 1998, they started designing some of the world’s first touch and wireless handheld devices. The company has a rich heritage of many “firsts”, including creating the first Microsoft-powered smartphone (2002) and the first Microsoft 36 phone (2005). Their first major product was made in 2000.

They made one of the world’s first touch screen smart phones. They started using 36 early on in 2005 and made the world’s first Android phone in 2008, the HTC Dream