Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play Sports?

Should college athletes be paid to play sports? Many studies have shown that paying athletes may not be the best of ideas, many say it will ruin the whole point of going to college which is to learn and if they get paid some of them might not go to class because they might feel it isn’t necessary to go because they essentially have a job instead. I’m going to tell why I think that paying college athletes isn’t a great idea and why. First of all, if they did start paying the players the colleges would become overpopulated and too many people for a team. Another reason is they might make bad decisions, getting paid while in college can lead to horrible things.

Thirdly the school will have to start cutting certain clubs or any other activity. Finally, how would thy fairly pay the players? The most popular player? The most known? The smartest? Starting off with why everybody will go there, first of all, if you were ready to go to college why wouldn’t you try out for the team to get paid? I would but I personally don’t think it is the greatest idea because it would come to the point where we would need to pay people just to get an education.Another reason is That schools would be overpopulated because everybody will try to get into any school and just go there for the money, not the education. Plus if you were a great athlete in high school and didn’t have a degree then the could go to a division three school and almost guarantee a starting spot and only go there for the money and maybe get recognized by a more athletic school and go to that school and possibly make more money. If you were in college and were getting a steady income wouldn’t you think that they might spend their money irresponsibly like on drugs alcohol and any other unneeded things? With making money while in college tons of athletes will make bad decisions and could ruin their career.

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They are in college and might not be hanging around the vest influences and therefore buy things that can hurt them now and possibly in the future. With having some college students being paid what’s the point in going to class? That is what could be running through the minds of young people when they could be running through the minds of young people when they don’t want anything else besides money. Those are just some of the possibilities that can come out of this if it ever happens in the future. Schools wouldn’t be able to afford to pay the players unless they cut some programs or take watch how much they are spending annually. In order to pay all of the athletes, they would think that they are worth more than what th3 school would actually pay them and that could cause breakout and all of the athletes might get hostile towards one another. Also, they would most likely have to cut out some clubs or other programs and those could bring in more funding.

For example, if your school was well known for a certain program, Paying players would cut programs and may be forced to close down even the most popular clubs/programs. Which brings me on to my next point, unfair compensation to the players.It wouldn’t be fair to the players on the bench or to the superstar players that their only purpose in college is to play a certain sport.For example, if you were mostly on the bench and barely got paid while there are superstar athletes that start and are making way more money than you but they don’t care because they know that they are the ones getting paid a lot and the bench isn’t. The second thing is how are they going to pay players for their sport? Most watched sport in the US, in the world? How would the decide what sport gets paid the most or would they be paid the same? There are endless questions that can’t be answered and that is why I think they will be paid unfairly if this ever becomes a reality. These are all of the reasons why I think that colleges should stick to what they are doing now and not even think about paying players.

From overpopulating certain campuses just because they can get paid and they might not even pursue their college future and stay as a player. Also can’t forget about college student minds with money flowing in, they might never be the same because of one stupid mistake and they can’t take that moment back. Now after reading this what do you think? Should college athletes be paid to play sports?