Should Pets Be in the Classroom?

Schools all over the country face the issue of whether or not they should have pets in the classroom. Some people feel that pets should be in the classroom because they could provide learning from them like doing a math problem with a pets weight in it. However, some people think that pets should not be in the classroom because over the weekend they might not get enough food and most people don’t want to go back to school to feed it, the pet might get stressed from being poked and looked at all the time, after school the pet might get very lonely and some pets can literally die of loneliness. Pets are not meant for classrooms and other places where they get constant attention and get poked and prodded. In classrooms, sometimes domestic animals can be very distracting to students.

The reason why they are so distracting is because if they are eating or moving around the cage a lot or even making noise. “While pets are in their cages they sometimes do funny actions that may be distracting to students.” (Pass on Classroom Pets, page 1) Pets in classrooms can make you get sidetracked in many ways to teachers and students. One example of a popular pet for classrooms is a turtle, you may think it may not be distracting but it can be very distracting, it may move around a bunch underwater splashing some water and that will make a lot of noise. Pets are distracting animals and they may disrupt classwork. If you have a pet, you probably know that they need to be taken care of.

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Taking care of domestic animals that live in a classroom can be troubling. For example, if you leave it at school over the weekend it could die because of too little food. Another example, is if students misbehave and feed it the wrong food or drop it on the floor. “Accidental rough handling can cause a otherwise social animal to become timid and defensive.” (Pass on Classroom Pets, page 1) If you have a hamster and you put it in a hamster ball students could pick it up and shake it potentially injuring or killing the animal. Pets in classrooms can be hurt by students.

In classrooms, sometimes the equipment that pets may need can be damaged or the teacher may not know how to use it. Some domestic animals in classrooms need special treatment and equipment and sometimes it can be hard to do. Students may misuse the equipment, for example the squirt bottle for cleaning the tank could be misused by students squirting it at each other. Another example is that a student could drop something in a tank for fish. “Animals can be very adept at hiding symptoms of illness or injury.

” (Pass on Classroom Pets, page 1) Domestic animals can sometimes be bothersome to classrooms and hard to take care of in schools, so people are considering of removing them from classrooms.Students and teachers can be allergic to pets in classrooms, that can cause a problem because people sometimes have to go to hospitals if they are allergic to pets. because they still can be distracting and a handful to take care of.Even though some pets may be already banned from school because of allergies that does not solve all the problems of them in classrooms.When pets are in classrooms they can cause trouble.