Should students be allowed to bring mobile phones to school?

In this modern world, technology is very advanced compared to the before time when we had dinosaurs as pets. Most students have mobile phones, so they thought that it would be cool if they could use it in school because some of the people think that mobile phones are a necessity. But, did they consider the side effects? Mobile phones should stay prohibited in school. I think students shouldn’t be allowed to bring mobile phones to school because this gadget is a big distraction.

Nowadays, mobile phones have the ability to surf the internet, in other words it’s a metal thing that disrupts you from working. If students are allowed to bring mobile phones, they would not focus on what the teacher is trying to say but will focus on the less important things in their phone. Mobile phones effect their education, would you want that? Secondly, too much phones will harm your health. Mobile phones will make you short-sighted because too much attention is focused on the tiny screen, mobile phones generate radiation which “gifts” you cancer, in other words too much phones equal to early death. Therefore, students should not be allowed to bring harmful devices to school or else the mankind extinction project is on the go.

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Last but not least, students can use this golden opportunity to do bad things. They could use the short-message-service to cheat, whether it is during exams or doing homework, they can share answers with just a touch of a button. Furthermore, some students will try to steal expensive mobile phones due to lack of money or jealousy. Crime rates will rise in school. School is a place for education, not a bad guy faculty, and that concludes why mobile phones should be prohibited in school. Schools are supposed to produce a bright future for every student, if they start to educate them in a bad way by approving mobile phone usage in school, they will crumble their future.

In the end, everyone will live in fear because a lot of bad guys are taking over whatever that was once good.