Should Students Choose Gym Or Academic Support?

On 2014,there were some kids skipping gym because of their project, When they got caught they were in big trouble.

This caused some problems between parents the principles, but also cause there grade to go down because of them trying to sneak something and make their grade go up. This was one major thing that was important about because people when they need their grade up they have major things to like projects or essays. Should Students get to choose whether to go to gym or academic support? Yeah, Especially on days when they have projects or essays. This would really help people with their work, get their grades up, but also be healthy and participate in gym. My opinion would be that it would raise kids health, and grade.

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I also think this could help kids have a better friendship with the teachers and a better attitude. I think that kids would also choose where to go because, one day they might not bring their gym clothes and some days they would.”pain is weakness leaving your body “-motivationgym You would be graded in gym by the amount of days they come to gym that week. This would be a solution to people who want to do there work or just wanna have fun in gym