Should Students Have to Take a Basic Skills Test to Graduate?

Nobody wants to be that 35 year old that can’t do his own taxes. To many people can’t do the basic skills that are needed to be a functioning adult. So many students in high school strive to not be the fast food cook at a burger chain or a cashier at Walmart, but when the cook or cashier actually has a job.When these kids graduate many go to college to get a degree to be able to have a job with many luxuries. The problem I feel is wrong with this is they seem to be going for about the same job, which means there like flooding the workforce. This is mostly from the millennials, most of them that don’t get that great of a job end up working minimum wage jobs. Some think their to good for those jobs so why there waiting for their luxury job to have an opening they live with mommy and daddy or sleep on friends couches.

What i’m trying to say is most Millennials were to privileged by their parents generation X.Now why i think most generation X parents spoil their kids is because they didn’t get as much as kids, so they try to make their kids life like the one they wanted as children. Although some millennials just give up looking for jobs, some just have terrible luck and cant get a job. Millennials lack many basic skills for jobs like following simple instructions according to an article by anne fisher on march 10th 2015 One of the skill they are the best at of any generation is using technology to its greatest from the same article. The millennials are the largest generation after the baby boomers of the fifties and are also the most intelligent generation.

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Although the millennials may excel at algebra,geometry and biology they lose to other countries like Japan ,”which is number one” Finland and the Netherlands in literacy and numeracy. According to the ETS the educational testing service in an article by Aimee Picchi on march 13th 2015. About anybody would have thought the Millennials would have do better on the ETS with their very high level of education. They are at a huge advantage compared to older generations. The millennials grew up with all the high tech devices with cell phones and tablets. Although the technology is a great advantage it is also a disadvantage.

Some of the millennials never learned social skills, because the could hide behind computers or phones. The new generation is very unskilled when it comes to basic home skills. When an older generation’s car broke down they didn’t mind fixing it themselves, but it seems millennials would rather come up with super lame excuses than fix it themselves. It seems when about anything brakes of theirs they would just rather pay full price for a new one than get their hands just a little dirty by fixing it. I understand that cars today are very technical, but with internet at their fingertips there’s no reason they can’t learn. Cooking is another skill millennials lack, they are the top buyer of ready made meals.

Millennials would rather eat soggy microwave food than cook decent food for themselves. It’s too late for some millennials, but that doesn’t mean they have to take the rest of the generation with them. To keep the rest of the generation from turning out like them the schools could make kids take a basic skills test before they graduate. Even if just some schools had the test it would lower the rate of lazy millennials in the U.S.

I think the test should be able to test basic skills that they don’t thrive in like basic maintenance, cooking ,and social skills.The test I think would really help alot with their older life and keeping the kids they have from turning out spoiled.