Should the school years be longer but the days shorter?

Here I compare a long and short school day, as I believe that this will answer the question “Should the school years be longer but the days shorter?” I believe that by first analyzing the positive sides of each, then the negative sites of each, that I will be able to come up with a conclusion that works for this question.A longer school dayIt means the children have more time to learn. It also means that the parents can save time and money from their work day by being able to work regular hours without needed to get home for the kids. It means that women have a better place in our society because it becomes more possible to work a full time job and be a full time mum at the same time. A longer school day may also keep the children from getting in trouble on the streets.A shorter school dayThe children get to go home earlier, which means they get more time to do fun kids stuff.

A shorter day may convince people that a cut in the school budget is okay, which will free up a bit of public money until the bankers get hold of it. A shorter day means that commercial television may change to suit, and parents get to spend more time with their kids as their kids are growing up.A longer school dayThe kids are more likely to become lethargic and teachers are likely to want more pay. There may be occasions where more violence and disruption occurs because children start to feel trapped by school. The current teaching system is already showing people that learning is torture and boring, so prolonging the time the student spends there is going to further teach the child that learning is horrible and boring and that you should not do it.

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A shorter school dayThis could turn in to a mess. It will cause a cut in the budget for schools, and will mean that less of the working day is spend studying. It will also result in teachers setting more homework, so children are still going to be penned in to working. The shorter school day would actually be desperately inefficient if the school days were shorter but they extended the year. Efficiency would state that a longer school day with fewer days in the school year are better.Conclusion Contrasting both long and short school days has helped to figure out the answer to the question, “Should the school years be longer but the days shorter?” The school day timetable should stay the same except that the day should be longer.

Ideally, the day should be longer so that the gap can be bridged. A child should be able to do his or her school work and homework whilst at school so that when the child does go home then he or she can just live. If most students were asked if they would permit a longer school day if they did not get homework, then most would want a longer school day.