Should We Have P.E every day?

Do you like P.E. (Physical Education)? I do.

I think it is a really important class to take in school. It can teach you how to improve in physical movement. It can improve performance and it helps you stay active. I think we should have more P.E.

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class each day. It helps with physical movement. If you don’t move for a while you start to get stiff. Your muscles could also get weaker. In addition, it helps with academic performance.

One way you can is by recording what you are doing. You can watch it back to see why you did or didn’t make it, kick it or hit it in. Also, you can watch how others do it. Then you can see the proper way to do it then try to do it yourself. You can watch how their stance, how they kick it or how they throw it. It could also teach you the fundamentals of the game.

Furthermore, it strengthens teamwork. It helps you coordinate with your teammates. You use teamwork more than you think. When you’re working on a project, working to solve a problem, or just carrying something heavy. It helps you improve your skills as a leader.

Telling people where to go and what to do and helping them. In addition, it lets you stay active. If you stay active you stay healthy. You can set goals for what you’re doing to push yourself. For example, you can practice to improve your physical skills. Like properly shooting a basketball.

From what I researched we need at least 60 minutes a day. Therefore, I think It Is important to have P.E every day and at least have an hour of it. If you can set goals you might even exceed what you were planning to do.