Siemens Case

|Case Study: | |Siemens Builds a Strategy-Oriented HR System | Document submitted by |Group 1 | |Authors |Amir Hamzah Mohd Amir (G0834371) | | |Nor Azlina Datuk Ishak (G1015882) | |Date |22 January 2012 | |Course |Human Resource Management | Contents 1Case Summary2 2Study Questions3 2. 1Question 13 2. 2Question 23 2. 3Question 33 3References5 Case Summary After 150 years of existence as a producer of electrical products, today, Siemens is a global diversified company in software, engineering and services with over 400,000 employees worldwide.

To meet sophisticated engineering and services demand for employee selection, training and compensation globally, Siemens has implemented a Human Resource strategy that employs several basic themes. First, the theme “a livingCompany is a learning company” emphasizes the importance of employee continuous learning to support the company’s high-tech business. Second, “Global teamwork is the key to developing and using all the potential of the firm’s human resources” implies the necessity of working together and interact throughout the company. As such, employees need to understand the whole process and feel being part of a strong unifying corporate entity. Third, the theme “A climate of mutual respect is the basis of all relationships – within the Company and with society” recognizes diversity and acknowledges that employee is one of the Company’s valuable assets. Siemens provides the facility, training and policy to realize the HR strategy.

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For example, it offers extensive education programs to facilitate continuous learning, makes cross-cultural experiences as pre-requisites for career advancement to promote global teamwork, and engages activities to build openness, transparency and fairness. Study Questions 1 Question 1 Based on the information in this case, provide examples, for Siemens, of at least four strategically required organizational outcomes, and four required workforce competencies and behaviors. Four strategically required organizational outcomes: i)Siemens positions itself to be a diversified global company in high technology. To uphold its vision, Siemens needs to become number one a learning company, an organization that maintains abreast of the newest technology and the knowledge that creates it. i)Siemens has to be an organization that forges effective global teamwork in order to gain leverage from the diversity of its people and business.

iii)To become globally successful Siemens has to be the organization that champions the culture of mutual respect for diversity within the organization and with the society. iv)Being a knowledge driven company Siemens shall be the organization which appreciates its human capital as its most valuable assets. Four required workforce competencies and behaviors To achieve the previous organization outcomes, firstly, Siemens requires its workforce to love knowledge and engage in continuous learning in order to preserve the organization’s lead on technology development.Second, the employees must adopt teamwork and able to blend within the multi-culture environment of the organization to realize effective global teamwork. Third, employees must embrace mutual respect and uphold the organizational culture that promotes diversity. Fourth, employees must portray dedication to their company at work, demonstrating their value as the most important asset for the organization.

2 Question 2 Identify at least for strategically relevant HR system policies and activities that Siemens has instituted in order to help human resource management contribute to achieving Siemens’ strategic goals. 1. Business Strategy: Training development and activities are continuously in place to support the constant changes in technology.This is done through a system of combined classroom and hands on apprenticeship that is applied throughout all offices around the world to ensure cross border learning is standard and consistent. 2.

Skills and Talent Development: Continuing education and management development to nurture necessary skills for global teamwork and appreciation of culture diversity is crucial for a very high tech company like Siemens. Failure to provide this will collapse the entire Human Resource systems that are in place to support the overall strategic business goals. 3. Human Resource Strategy System: Siemens practices Enhanced Internal Selection Process that includes pre-requisites of cross border and cross cultural experiences for career advancement.This allows the entire corporation and its employees to work together, interact and understand the whole process, not in bits and pieces. 4.

The HR Measurement towards goal congruency: Organizational development activities aimed at building openness, transparency, fairness and supporting diversity supports the environment of mutual respect within the company and with society. 3 Question 3 Provide a brief illustrative outline of a strategy map for Siemens. [pic] Financial Aims Siemens main objective is to serve its shareholders with maximized profits and returns on assets. This is done through growing revenue in the production of software, engineering and services value based products. Customer AimsAs learning is a continuity requirement at Siemens, it creates a learning corporate environment and develops mutual respect within the company and also the customers.

Providing and accommodating the expectations of the customers through continuous research of knowledge attracts and maintains customer loyalty. Internal Operations and Employee Considerations Having over 400,000 employees around the world, improvement of wealth nationalities, culture, language and outlook has ultimately created a diversified work force and dedicated work teams for Siemens. References [1] Dess, G. G, Lumkin, G. T, and Eisner, A.

B (2008) Strategic Management, Text and Cases, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, NY[pic]