Singles in Style

Finding a date for homecoming, two words: awkward and scary. Especially when turning down the gentlemen with twelve red roses.

Now Arrowhead students are grabbing their closest friends instead of a date to homecoming and ditching the normal routine. Arrowhead students have found the way to down the hurt from not getting asked or getting rejected by going with friends. Between asking someone, getting rejected, and making plans, finding a date for homecoming is right up there with the most stressful things in high school. Guys (and girls) go through the trouble to ask someone and then get turned down. It may never be a fun situation but that doesn’t mean that hope should be given up. As a substitute, take your friends to one of the biggest bashes of the year.

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This way you know you can have fun and can crack inside jokes without making any one feeling left out. “I plan on just going with a group of girl and guy friends.” Avery Raddage, junior, states “Going with a date can sometimes make it awkward.” Pictures, dinner, ride, finding groups. All can be more frustrating than studying for final exams. Instead of the strain, bring everyone back to your house and have a grill out.

It’s not every day you get the chance to sprawl out on a lawn chair in formal wear eating hamburgers. You’re also not allowed to be loud and crazy at restaurants and you have a definite table. Food, friends, and fun. nothing better