Situational Analysis of Fm Radio Industry in India

Switching costs will be high for switching between suppliers. Differentiation of inputs exists because of quality.

Music production houses. The numerous music production houses in India provide songs to Fever 104. These production houses have high bargaining power due to: Differentiation of Inputs is caused due to the various songs that each production houses release. Impact of inputs on cost i. e. each music production house has a different rate per single play for each song.

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Radio can be considered as the cheapest form of mass entertainment.

The consumer only has to bear the cost of the radio set and has no periodical expenses. Hence the relative price performance of substitutes is low compared to F. M radio. Radio is ubiquitous.

It is also consumed for a longer period of time than any other entertainment form. Hence the switching cost for a substitute is quite high. {text:list-item} Competition classified by Market share across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. [data from exchange4media RAM] {draw:frame} Competition classified by the number of radio stations in operation [Group M report] {draw:frame}