Slavery Through the Decades

SAbduction (n) the action or instance of forcibly taking someone away against their will.

This situation occurs every second of every day in every country. Twenty seven million humans endure enslavement, no utopia exists in which this unmoral action doesn’t lurk. Though slavery in the past has changed drastically over the last few decades, resemblance between the enslavement of African Americans and the modern day human trafficking is uncanny. Slavery has continued to permeate the decades since it last corrupted America. Some believe that slavery is not idle and no longer exist into today’s society.

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Many different types of slavery plague the world today. Human trafficking is one of the most common types of slavery in our world today the similarities between this type of slavery and the enslavement of the African Americas is undeniable. These victims are still forced into conditions unwanted and undesired. The forced allegiance and loyalty to the masters or slaveholder is still seen today. ” I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.

” – Frederick Douglass As both these types of slaves find themselves in inhumane situations that deprave them it is evident to both that their lives have been put on hold. As said n the quote above slavery restricts you from being able to possess the ability to have a normal life, a house, have a good paying job, maybe even a family; their enslavement has and will take control of their lives. Slaves as young as infants will not even know what a normal life is. In an article by Tina Frundt it is stated that many global citizens believe that when the words “sex slavery” reach their ears they immediately think of women and children across the myriad oceans being enslaved to the highest bidders, but in reality this defiling action is very much present in America as it is in other countries. Some of the human race may feel as if skin color and race are a separation.

Some dismiss this separation quickly. The Americans discriminated against the African Americans many years ago, to a point when dying sounded better than living. No matter how prudent you were as a slave you were not obligated to having a say in your life or freedom life, a similar concept is present today, no matter how successful you are you are at risk of being captured and enslaved. Anyone could be abducted from infants to elderly anyone is in danger. No one should ever dismiss the fact that the world is a very dangerous place. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was the first step to abolishing slavery in the America.

Part of the overseer’s forte in the past had to be able to keep slaves in line; must make a bigger effort to end slavery. As the world continues to take part in the battle against slavery, bystanders must not remain staidly or sub come to quail, but need to become up-standers and rise against slavery so that we can take a step closer to creating the utopia that does not include all types of slavery, or any type of caging action that keeps the human from reaching their fullest potential. Thanks to America we know so little about slavery, which makes us some of the most blind people in the world.