Smoking Among Youth

Did anyone of your family members scold you or tell that smoking is bad for your health? No 6. How often do you smoke? B. A.

Once a day b. Twice a day c. Thrice a day d. Four times a day or more 7. Where do you get money to buy/culler cigarettes? A.

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Member of the family b. Too friend/group c. Neighbor d. To someone who knew you e. In your own way/s(e. G.

Work, gambling, rob/theft) a. Private place b. Public place c. House d. Hang-out place w/ friends 8.

Where do you smoke? 9. Do you know the bad effects of smoking to you and to others? B. No 10.

Knowing the effects of smoking, do you have any plan to stop smoking? Yes 11. When duo plan to stop smoking? B.

Soon/later when I am ready c. When I experience the bad effects d. Never Consent form I want to thank you for taking time to meet me today. My name is MR…

KNICK H. VILLA currently studying a case on social issue regarding smoking on minors. I have chosen you as one of my respondents because based from my trusted sources you belong to those I target as subject of my study. This interview will specifically draw out experience, view, opinion and perspective regarding smoking among minor/youth like you.

The interview should take less than an hour.

I will be taping the session because I don’t want to miss anything that you would like to share. Although I will be taking some notes during the session, I can’t possibly write fast enough to get it all down. Because we’re on tape, please not hesitate to speak up about the things that I will be asking to you. All responses will be kept confidential. This means that your interview responses will only be shared with those person/agency involve in the study and we will ensure that any information we include in my report does not identify you as the respondent.

Remember, you don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to and you may end the interview at any time.

If there are things that you would like to ask or clarify feel free to raise it and I would be very glad and willing to explain it further to you. Thank you. Interviewee Legal Guardian of the interviewee BUCOLIC UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL Legalize City May 9, 2012 MR… REAM “SONG” GENTILITY Barraging Captain Witness Date Magellan, Sorenson Good day! I come to your good office to ask permission to allow me to conduct a case study in our barraging regarding “Smoking on Minors”.

This is in connection with my master’s study in our subject Sociological and Anthropological Studies which requires us to initiate this community study as part of our requirement. The target respondents of this study are minors (17 year-of-age below) who are identified to be smoking. And since they are minors, rest assured that parental consent will be properly addressed and they will be treated with care. Success of this study lies on your approval and support. Thank you! Truly yours,