Snow Day

Time slowed as the sled slid across the smooth cold ice. Then crack the sled swiveled then flew across the snow covered ground as I rolled out over the ground, my head covered in blood.

My sister and brother come running over as I slowly stand up. They’re yelling but I can’t hear them. There is two of them yelling and pointing. My brother grabbed me and started pulling me up the hill. Everything is fuzzy. I can hear now.

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They are telling me to run. Why am I not running? We need to tell my parents. I try to talk, and tell them I’m okay. I can’t talk. All I can do is slowly stumble up the hill, watching my brother and sister yelling, the looks on their faces. I’ve never seen them look this way.

I’m okay! I’m okay! I finally manage to yell. My sister is yelling back now. No you’re not! You’re not okay! I see the house. It’s shaking back and forth. My brother and sister are asking if it hurts. All I feel are my hands.

They’re cold. My hands are cold. There is blood on my hands and the snow. The white snow is covered in red spots trailing from the large boulder up to our house. We’re inside now.

My mom is telling me to sit down. I can hear my brother talking to my dad in the back room. I think one of them is yelling. I’m laying on the couch. My mom is staying by me, talking to me, telling me not to fall asleep. But why? I’m tired.

I just want to take a nap. Dad is on the phone talking to the hospital telling them we are on our way. My mom is holding my favorite winter hat, my Detroit red wings beanie. There’s blood on the side of it. Why is there blood on my hat? Did I hit my head? I’m okay. I’m not in pain.

I’m tired. Just let me sleep.