Soccer (Worlds most Famous Sport)

Soccer: The World’s Most Famous Sport BOOM! BINK! POW! SWOOSH! The player kicked the ball into the back of the net off of a terrific volley! The crowd goes wild!!Soccer (also known as Futbol in other parts of the world) is a sport known around the world. It was created by the British in the mid 19th century, even though the chinese claimed to play a version of it centuries earlier(“What Country Invented Soccer?”). They called it football because the object of the game is to kick a leather ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Back then there was a different set of rules then there is now. Soccer is the most famous sport in the world. First because of the nationality of the sport, Second because you can play it anywhere and everywhere with anything, Third because the electrifying and adrenaline game has a very wide background and has had out-breaking performances and excites crowds! Nationality One of the reasons why soccer is so popular is because it is known around the world. Even though it was created in England it dominates other sports in South America. In South America, soccer is called “futbol.”Each country has its very own leagues and teams.

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Each one also has its very own National team. Every four years, The World Cup occurs. The world cup is considered as one of the biggest events of the summer of that year. The Fifa world cupcontains of 64 matches played in 12 stadiums of 32 international men’s teams, one from each country (

Soccer is often played with club teams, From different leagues. Flexibility of the game Another reason why soccer is so popular and fun is because it can be played anywhere and with anything. The main objective of the game is to put the soccer ball inside the opposing team’s goal. So kids from around the world just pick up a object and start playing. Kids also play it wherever they can. Some kids play it on the beach, in alleyways, in their backyard, some even play it in the streets!.

A Lot of kids in Brazil and North America play the game barefoot or with any type of terrain.(Payne) Soccer is played outdoors, but can also be played inside. There are professional futbol inside leagues and teams all-around the world. There is even a national tournament for men. It is physically harder to play inside soccer because the ground is more smooth, so the ball easier and faster but people still play it. Facts and Knowledge about the game Another reason why soccer is such a popular sport is the excitinghistory and the players that have played it and the club team rivalries.

A lot of kids and adults talk about the great club teams and leagues there are in the world. Some talk about Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Paris-Saint Germain (PSG). Those are just some of the famous club teams around the world. But some talk about the great playersand legends that played the game. Like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo,Edison Arantes Do Nascimento (Pele), Maradona, ZineDine Zidane, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and much more. All of those guys play or have played for their national teams.

Here are some records held in the FIFA World Cup: Most goals made by a player in a single match- Oleg Salenko ( 5 goals) Most cards given to a player- ZineDine Zidane ( 6 total) Most world cups won by a team- Brazil (5 cups) Most matches played by a team- Germany (106 matches) Most participations by a team- Brazil (20 participations)(“FIFA Tournaments”) Conclusion In conclusion, Soccer is a very known world-wide sport,It is a very easy funsport, and it just makes everybody happy and warm inside, especially the players. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Almost every country in the world plays this sport. The flexibility of the sport makes it easy and fun to play all day long. Soccer is a electrifying sport that is very popular around the world.

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