"Social Classes" in Middle School

While walking through the school hallways, you may or may not notice how your fellow classmates are acting like. I consider myself as a “wall-flower” due to the fact that i notice unusual things that surround me. I notice every crack in the wall, every speckle of dust on the floor, and all the little indents in the ground from the desks.

Thats why whenever im sitting around in homeroom waiting for the bell to ring, i will notice all the behaviors of my classmates. There are the shy and insecure ones, who rarely raise their hand to answer a simple 2+2 equation. They will usually sit in the back of the room, where they think that the teacher does not see them. But they are mistaken, the teacher still knows who they are, and will still call on them no matter what the distance. Than there are the “know-it-all’s” who think that they know every little thing that the teacher is trying to say.

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They will purposely make everyone feel dumb for the satisfaction of feeling smart. Next are the “jokers” whom i have no problem with, because they will only brighten my day, all they want to do is make class time a little more enjoyable. Now, at the bottom of my list, are the “attention seekers”. In my opinion, seeking attention can be an empowering trait when using it properly, for example to persuade a crowd. But this trait can have a very negative outcome,as well as, a very annoying one. Most kids in elementary school dont really care about attention because they havent reached that level of experience yet, but once they hit middle school, they will try to “up” everyone else.

People like this only want to seek attention for one of two reasons. One, they want to become popular so that everyone likes them. Two, they think that they are entitled to their opinion, and will not stop until all eyes are pointed at them. Now, i can talk all day and all night about “attention seekers” but that will not rid them from this world so why waste my breath. Next, are the “gigglers”.

If you are unfamiliar with “gigglars” they are usually girls(not always), and they laugh at EVEYTHING, and when i mean everything, i even mean when a pencil falls on the floor. Finally, my group of people, who dont care what “class” they are in. We dont care if you like us or not. We just want to “blend in” and not be noticed by a crowd. I know that this is definetly not the end of this list, but maybe one day, i will write a second part to this and i promise it will be deaply in depth, just like the gossip at my school.