Social Control Mechanism

Social control mechanism refers to the way in which an individual is conformed by the behaviors in a given society. These mechanisms normally make an individual to relate with a certain social group. Social control mechanisms are categorized into two namely: internal and external. In order to expound on this, this article will borrow from “The Secrets of Haiti’s Living Dead”. According to the legends, zombies are the living dead who are raised from their death by the voodoo witches with an intention of using them in their evil deeds.

This has been happening to an extent of many Haitians looking at it as any normal incidence. Zombies are believed to exist if Narcisse’s claim is anything to go by. He claims that back in 1980 some women came in different villages in Haiti claiming to be zombies. As if not enough, commoners in the northern Haiti are said to have come across a group of zombies roaming aimlessly in the gardens. This is a confirmation that zombies exist. In a research carried out, it was found out that voodoo only used potion on the zombies to make people believe that they were dead while it was only suffocating.

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Wade Davis focused on a research on how the zombie drug could be manufactured. On arrival in Haiti, Davis discovered that, unlike many people in the Caribbean, the Haitians were not fond of drugs. Davis further observed that Haiti was no different from Africa. He discovered that majority of commoners in Haiti practiced voodoo that had its root in Africa. He immediately arrived at a conclusion that the beliefs about voodoo were not valid. He further discovered that the voodoo society was just like any other society.

The voudons hold onto the belief that many spirits present in the world possess them. The Voudon society is a law, education and medicine society and observes rules that regulates behavior is a social way. Just like the government of Haiti, Voudon societies are able to put their daily life into control.In his research Davis found out that, making the poison used by the voodoo was not exactly scientific. Out of the many samples he compared, the active agents were all the same.

In addition, the poison was not a guarantee that the victim would die, as sometimes the victim would just be paralyzed. In yet another explanation of his pharmacological explanation, Davis observed that the poison could sometimes make the victim suffocate in the coffin making it simple to resurrect. He arrived at a conclusion that indeed, the potion could work as required by the voodoo on the zombies. Further, he managed to unearth vodoun secret within which they managed to create zombies. The victim would be poisoned and if he manages to survive first few hours, then he would recover fully. This zombification was not embraced in Haiti and it was treated like a very dangerous crime.

In his pharmacological explanations, Davis attempted to explain how datura a very powerful psychoactive plant was used in poisoning people. He explained that its powerful name deduced that it was used in creating zombies. All the same, he could not exactly point out how the plant was being used. In his explanation, he said that, the plant could not be used in bringing the immobility that was evident. The fact that people were to look dead was a confirmation that datura could not give the best results. In addition, in all the samples that he put under test, tetrodotoxin was witnessed.

This is equally a very powerful poison and it could easily kill than make a zombie. In concluding, Davis believed thinks that, the trauma of zombificcation was being administered using datura or another type of drug. Zombies were being given datura that would interfere with their concentration and right frame of mind. Datura could have been the only poison used by the voodoo. The relationship between the religious belief and the social control mechanism is that religion in itself is perceived as a common and historical way of informal social control mechanism.

The influences in a person are analyzed in a religious manner as social control mechanism. Religious beliefs are also known as some of the most vital structure of establishing a full social system. The religious beliefs of men are studied from a social mechanism point of view. From a social standpoint, religious beliefs are some of the ways in which individuals’ part ways or can unite. In the contemporary societies, religious beliefs have more importance than any other existing ritual.

In Haitian villages, the creation of zombies by the voodoo is not a good thing. For commoners in Haiti, zombification is a very serious crime because it takes away the rights of an individual and denies him/her the most valued thing in the entire universe. Davis observed that some secret communities are to blame for allowing zombification although it might be perceived as a way of ensuring there is order in the society. While Haitians may not look at it as a way of maintaining social mechanism, the voodoo on the other hand hold a diverse view altogether. In conclusion, the making of zombie should not be socially acceptable. It should be seen as a crime and thus capital punishment should accompany this practice.

In referring to the rules that governs a society, maintaining social mechanism is not in line with depriving a normal human being a right to live.