Socio-Political and Economic Environment

The statue of liberty has for ages been considered as one of the United State most significant artifact. The statue is a neoclassical sculpture representing Liberty Island in New York. It was designed by Bartholdi Fredric and dedicated to the United State on the 28th of October, 1886. It was initially a gift from the French people and represented Libertas a goddess of freedom fro the Roman origin. The goddess bears a torch in addition to a Tabula ansata which can be described as law evoking table.

Inscribed on the torch is the date that the American Declaration of independence was made. On its feet lies a broken chain symbolizing the break from colonial rule. In the recent past the statue has been recognized as an iconic artifact symbolizing freedom as well as the United States. The symbolic culturl value of the statue is reflected by two basic factors. First it was presented as a gift by France for the affirmation of a historical alliance existing between the two countries. The second is that its financing was done through international subscriptions to recognize the establishment of democracy and freedom through the United States Declaration of Independence.

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The statue holds the declaration on its left hand. The statue since has been and still is a symbol of the immigrants who arrived in the U.S. from different countries in the late 19th and 20th century.The statue is a potent symbol that is highly endured as a representative of peace, liberty, and democracy, human rights, opportunity and slavery abolition.

The statue can be placed within the context of the immigration periodd since it was then that its order was given to its French sculptor Bartholdi Fredrick. Its official inauguration was in Liberty Island in 1886. Statue to the immigrants represent the ideas of Abraham Lincoln. I have a strong conviction that this artifact will be passed over to more generations to come as it is an icon that is depicted in so many areas through the nation and the globe. This ranges from coinage and stamps to regional institutions both academic and non academic for instance, the United States women basketball association.

In popular culture some music regularly evokes the statue as a means of supporting American policies. The statue also makes cinematic appearance in movies and hence in consideration to this then the artifact will definitely be based to more generations to come.