Solar Marketing Plan

We invite join us together to make a business relationship with us to promote the products.

Especially our plan is to provide full range of solar energy solutions, LED lighting solutions, cement items, tiles and roof materials.

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We promise that we will provide finest business promotion and supply as much as possible by our self, In order to ensure a successful Business, a range of activities recommended, brief description of promoting products mentioned below, for each and every process there is an ideal strategy presented. Market Research Having defined the concept, we have done a survey about the existing market before launch the product.

We had a look at below factors, It helps us to enhance the concept, quantify the market potential and Identify Important sellable features for the product; conclusion of research mention below, Products of similar concept currently on the market, suppliers of similar products? The products which we plan to supply is already available at existing market, to get success we should provide quality products with low price also there should be a good after sales service Is needed.

I How and to whom are products being promoted, distributed? * Sales promotions can be done by several ways such us advertisements, presentations, door to door leaflet distribution, creating awareness and mobile vehicle marketing campaign. * Recruitment of Internal community staffs with all three language ability Is the good recommended solution specially for marketing.

* Expecting distribution by using existing supply chains as well us establishing healthy distribution chain.

I What is the potential size of the market? Our business network allows to reach almost every customer who our products I SOOT Analysts ‘Off are we looking for. The team has sufficient experience and Skills to operate business. Top level management is knowledgeable in business Management Good existing customer relations. [via red cross project] and Customer confidence May good because of government organization.

Ђ Systems are modular, proven technology With low operation and maintenance I Weaknesses don’t have a good marketing staffs especially with all language ability at the areas we are looking for. Systems have high capital & transaction cost. High transportation cost and maintenance costs Threats * Some companies who is financially and politically strong May Enter the industry. * Well establish companies in particular area’s may enter to the market * Brokers between us and customers may increase the price.