Some of the issues that Public Education Faces: Teachers

When a teacher is first hired at a shcool, they are vulnerable. This is because at the end of thier first few years, they will get fired, even of they were an effective teacher, just because they haven’t been tenured yet, While the teachers who are older and are poor teachers stay till they harm or harass a student, the quit, or they retier. The older tenured teachers who have few students with good grades stay…while the newer teachers that teach the same subject and have more students with good grades are forced out, but they’re teaching better, this is the basis of the teacher’s union.

The teachers aren’t graded on performance, but by how lon g they’ve been teaching. Even though the union idea usualy requieres teachers and profesors of a certain age to retier, the system is faulty. Instead teachers shoud be actualy looked at from a stand point of teaching efficiency and effectiveness, not the classic ‘age’ veiw. Teachers should be ranked by each school by how well thier students do in comparason to the difficulty of the class, then they should be kept or fired by how well they actualy teach. This would save the school valuable time that could be spent on more important things instead of whether or not a new professor should be replaced or retained. The other main issue with teachers and professors is why and where they are hired.

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As a teenager i saw several diferent hiring issues. At schools where there is a certain program that is focused on, say for example: science, when hiring teachers, they focus on finding good science teachers over anything else. Though, by doing this other teachers are neglected and not thuroghly considered, insomuch that other subjects become poorly taught, because the wrong teachers were given the job. Example number two, schools that focus largly on sports often hire teachers because they can coach and they ‘kinda-sorta’ know how to teach a subject. So the teachers are not necicarly true professors, even though the have the title a teacher.

What we should instead be doing is hiring mentors of other subjects first, then focusing on finding teachers for the focus program, thus making the schools generaly better.