Some People Suffer in Silence, Be Kind

I can’t help, but notice people and their inexplicable gestures.

Being the one, who’s more interested in understanding little details about people rather than the little details of her course work. In the midst of observing, I learned that sometimes all that a person needs is kindness and forgiveness. I realized that every action is a consequence of something and not every time you are able to control it. There are days when, the best thing you can do is to come out of your bed. Sometimes, people have a bucket full of misery and they don’t let anyone get the slightest idea of it. Do you see? Do you see? The way a guy jokes around just to forget the pain.

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The girl, who always smiles and looks away, that way she doesn’t have to explain. The cheerful guy, who lights up others life, enters the class with his swollen face. The girl sitting in cafe hoping his ex would show up someday. The teacher, completing 20 slides instead of 30, maybe because she had a hard night? The boy, who started smoking just because his friends taught him that it is the only escape. The security guard, whose sleeping on his duty because her 2-month old kept crying the whole night.

The girl who’s sitting in the corner acting like it’s all okay, actually not being able to make friends; Hence stays alone in the break. The guy, who’s getting an F in his favorite course, because this semester his dad died. How can you not notice people strolling the foyers hiding secrets? How can you not notice their lying faces? And even if you do, the question is what can you do? Can you bring back the guy’s dad? Can you make friends for that girl? Can you take the place of a security guard? Can you replace the cigarette with a prayer mat? Can you teach in place of your teacher? Can you make him eat in the same cafe that she does?Can you? Unfortunately No. But there’s one thing you could do and that is to be kind, be helpful. Give them favors without letting them know and if you get a chance to talk to them, make sure you listen.

We, as a whole, lie. We lie that we couldn’t care less, we lie that it’s alright, we lie about our lying and we continue lying until the lie turns into a truth. Therefore, whenever you find someone not being able to act the same way they always do; give them a chance to recover and be there for them. Learn to forgive people simply because they’re humans and humans tend to make mistakes.