Something Called Essay

It took me a long time to find EssayEscort. A very long time. But I’m glad I did, because I finally found some people who were willing to look at my academic writing and give feedback. The best part was that it was free.

I’ve never heard of anyone trying this before, so here are my thoughts on it. The first thing that popped into my mind was that the entire thing was free. No advertisements, no logins, no spam – just attached my essay to an email and shot it off to them. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much; there are too many free scams floating around on the internet. Naturally, I was shocked when I actually got a response and my edited document back. Here are a few things I noticed about the organization.

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Professional. Their website looks bland and uninteresting – I probably won’t look at it a second time. Their system seems cheap, they use Microsoft word, and the entire setup seems like a low-investment kind of hobby. However, their comments shocked me. It was something my teachers would give me during a school workshop, but they didn’t just stop at grammar and sentence structure.

They actually put useable and sort of interesting comments. Not all of them are worth considering, but it did help my essay grow a bit in verbal choice and usage. Personal. It’s a personal connection between me and EssayEscort. I felt like it was there to help me whenever I needed it.

I sent them a second email asking specifically about my thesis, which they did respond, making to believe that someone was active behind their account. This is cool because you get to talk to them like any other tutor. Revolutionary. I mean, think of the idea. Free feedback to everyone who needs it? That sounds like something out of a fairytale. I’m glad I don’t have to pay for private tutors.

To be honest, I think many people don’t even have the money to pay for those tutors. Maybe EssayEscort is the only way for them to improve their writing. It isn’t perfect – in fact, far from it. But it is a start and I was generally satisfied with their work. It’s also a non-profit so maybe that’s why their system seems so primitive.

In the future, I would like to see them established as small but fruitful education organization, though I doubt they’ll do it for free. If you’re looking for feedback on your essays, you should try EssayEscort. It’s the only one I found on the internet that actually works, so I think it may be worth a shot.