Has Sprier successfully marketed its products in Canada? Explain why or why not? Yes, Sprier has been successful in marketing its products in Canada. It sold all the units of refrigerators produced in the Canadian market, in the first year of operation with a market share of 10%. The main factor for Its success is its marketing strategy, which they used in two ways.

Firstly, they distributed their products to two f the selected large retail groups in the market by conducting proper market research. Secondly, the c)-marketing satellites carried out by Sprier and the retail groups proved effective for selling and outlasting the products. Spare took note of the primary target market and the pricing, by developing television and newspaper advertisements for the young middle class with average household income. Looking at the needs of the middle class families, the company kept the average retail price around $1 500 as compared to other competitors with similar models priced around 1700.

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Sprier Inc spent $10 million for its marketing activities in the first year of operation.

The given competitive five years after sales services and repair was an addition to their success. In spite of Speaker’s success in the market among the other nine manufacturers, the company saw a lower profit performance than the expected Return of Investment. Though Sprier had 10 percent market share In Its first year of operation, It was not enough for the company’s sustainable growth.

To increase their market share CEO Kenneth Weller considered cutting the cost of the firefighters so that the company can capture a market share of 25 percent In near future. However, the prices of Speaker’s products were already competitive in the market and Weller feared that any further price cut would create a war among the competitors for lower prices in the market. Weller found out that the Refrigerators market for Canada was not that well in terms of growth and for the next two years, it would not be that much as expected.

Therefore, to avoid this situation he decided to attain a market development strategy by entering a new potential international rake in order to increase its refrigerators production and sales. 2) In your pollen, should Sprier enter the market of Unbalanced? I think Spare should enter the market of Unbalanced. The reason would as simple as grabbing an Irresistible opportunity. Unbalanced has emerged as a stable democracy over the past few decades, governed by the pro-business centrist Liberal good, also people know English, which is required to carry out any international trade.

If we speak of culture, the people live in Joint families with two or more generations within the same household.

This symbolizes the needs of a single family to be high and a potential opportunity to introduce energy efficient refrigerators into their households. Although the new generation is trying to move with the flow of economic prosperity and planning to live on their own the demographics for the need of refrigerators won’t be hurt that much. Taking an account of Inhabitant’s natural resources, they are pretty much rich in precious metals, diamonds and oil reserves, which is a good sign for foreign investors.

The political change at present has given a good opportunity for foreign investment and a platform to develop these sources and train the people of Unbalanced. Since last decade, the country’s GAP has increased from $40 Billion to $120 billion in 2011, which is good sign. The tax revenues representing 30 % of GAP has enabled the country to develop itself in terms of basic needs for the citizens.

The MIFF economists have forecasted about Inhabitant’s Government spending to be $50 billion in coming 5 years and it could be a way to get rid of the debt the country has, in future.

The energy consumption has increased over the years and so has the country’s per capita income levels, which s a great opportunity for the sales of Speaker’s quality refrigerators against the low quality exports from China. As there is, no domestic production of refrigerators Sprier has the first mover advantage, expand its business venture quickly, and become successful. Overall, my opinion is that the steady economic growth of Unbalanced would eventually result in increased sales of the refrigerators tallest to be one in twenty household within 10 years.

Therefore, this is a potential market for Sprier to expand its business overseas. 3) Assuming the company decided to enter Unbalanced, what should its market entry strategy be? Fully Justify your answer.

According to me, Sprier should strongly consider a Greenfield Investment to enter the market of Unbalanced. Firstly, when it comes for the company to build a new plant from the scratch it would be pretty much easy as Unbalanced is rich in natural resources like metals which is required to make a production plant.

Sprier can even import steel if required from the company Sauerkraut in Indonesia which is the neighboring country of Unbalanced. This is for sure a long term investment for Sprier but eventually the anis would be higher in 10 years, as the economy is forecasted to grow in future. Secondly, when it comes for hiring people then the company may hire local people who have proper qualifications and mainly young and enthusiastic people who are ready to learn new things and help to promote the company in an efficient way.

However, Sprier can consider to hire people from Philippines which is another neighboring country of Unbalanced. Philippines has almost 98% literacy rate and Sprier can hire skilled people from there so that the training is pretty much easier. Another plus point of doing business in Unbalanced is the labor wages which is Just 20% in comparison to Canada. Taking the marketing strategy in account Sprier should consider a total market approach as refrigerators are needs of every household.

The company should use traditional method of marketing to advertise its Unbalanced, as this will generate a sense trust between the people and the company.

Direct marketing including flyers and brochures would be an additional marketing strategy so that the people get a basic idea of what the company has to offer. Wheeler’s discussion with the senior Ministry of Industry and Trade preventatives which took place in Surrey gave him a hint that Sprier could develop a trading bloc by moving to one of the neighboring countries.

This is a great opportunity for Sprier in term of business expansion as the duties in Unbalanced would be waived by making a strategic move either to the Island of Java, Indonesia or to the city Manila, Philippines. Both these cities are potential opportunity to conduct a business venture in future. However if this happens then Speaker’s assets in Unbalanced would act as a secondary plant Just in case to meet the increasing demand of the future.