Standardized Testing Free Essay Sample

Standardized Testing Every year students are required to take a standardized test to go to the next grade starting from 3rd through 12th grade. This type of testing takes time some students don’t even pass, and teachers have to prepare for the test. There’s a lot of time spend on a standardized testing, at Harmony Science Academy it took n3 weeks for preparing the students for testing.

Students have to learn strategies for standardize testing that they are not going to need in life instead of learning useful things that they are going to need in life. Students also have one day or hours to be tested, and show all they have learn in a year. Some states don’t have the whole day to test the students are timed. For example Texas students have 4 hours for the students to take the test. I think this is so unfair because there’s not a lot of time spend on a test, and the test also has a lot of questions. Not passing a standardized test can make a student unconfident, and also not believe in them self.

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Not passing can also lead a student to go on depression or have stress. Also students can get held back one more year. Teachers have to prepare students for the test, and have to teach them everything they have to learn for the test. Teachers also have to make different strategies for every student because not every student works the same. This is a lot of work for a teacher.

In conclusion standardized testing is a poor way to indicate if a student is prepare for the next grade. There for the state should consider excepting assessments student do throw out the year to see what the students have learn instead of taking a test.