Standardized Tests: Ineffective

We have all taken standardized tests many times in our lives. They cause us to worry for the weeks leading up to the test and the months awaiting results. Teachers stress about the importance of doing well on them and parents are infurious if you don’t. In addition, standardized tests cost great amounts of money that cause increases in taxes, and have been slow to show results of mprovement in student performance, The standardized test can negatively impact students and their families both emotionally and financially. Standardized tests take a great toll on students’ emotions.

They can cause stress, worry, and anxiety; Students receive pressure from both teachers and parents to do well. This increases stress in an already very stressful life for students. Standardized tests are dreaded by almost all students, and with the tests being administered every year, students feel compelled to do well, but will often feel inferior when they don’t perform as expected. With the stakes so high on standardized tests, students can’t help but feel apprehensive about their test results. Not only do standardized tests cause stress, they are also very costly. This year, the United States spent about 90 million dollars on standardized tests; and for what? Improvement in student performance is slow, nad Americ is still 32nd in Math and 17th in English.

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The test may have been worht the price if there were results, but nothing has changed. Despite it’s gargantuan price tag, the standardized test has not aided in academic improvement at all. Stnadardized tests cost significant amounts of money and do nothing but make students uneasy. The united states has seen minimal profress in its students; academic performance and students are still scoring poorly. The makers of the test, intended for it to help improve academic performance, but so far, it hasn’t. Standardized tests deprive schools of huge chunks of time and funds.

Students are more stressed out than ever before. The standardized test harms students both emotionally and financially by causing anxiety with its high stakes and costing schools immense amounts of money.