Starting School at a Later Time

There are many benefits of starting school at a later time.

It could increase the mood of each student. There are many health benefits. Being more awake will increase concentration during school. And there is even scientific research to back up these points. We should begin school at 10:00 and would end at 4:30.

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One of the many perks of starting school at a later is that there will be a large increase in a happier mood. Most teens and middle schoolers, usually go to bed late, due to studying or other reasons. And starting at a later time will eliminate the sight of a miserable student. And a better mood can make the student more nice and more willing to socialize rather than wanting to be alone. A later start time will increase their concentration and the ability to focus and learn.

And it might even leave some time to finish the last couple sections of their homework or study a little bit for a project. There has been a lot of research around this topic saying that studying later towards the night is better, and teens learn best towards the afternoon, so starting school at a later time will improve academic performance for those important classes. And if classes will start at this time teens will be a lot happier which will make students more likely to engage in class which will give them a better understanding of what they’re actually learning. One thing that teens miss out on almost every day is a bigger and healthier breakfast. Since school starts so early so they barely have any time to eat and get the energy to have a successful day at school.

But with a new start time it will give them more time to eat what they actually need, and this can also lead to an increase in mood. And concentration. Conclusion School should start at a later time, Those few extra hours could make a happier and positive student. Students will enjoy a bigger breakfast in the morning. And grades might go up from an increase in focus and concentration.